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Player Portraits

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  • Player Portraits

    Hello all,
    I have a suggestion in regards to the character portraits that come with particular dragons. Im not sure if this topic has been discussed or not before but here it goes. Recently the fall items were released and I have been grinding to get Necryx because he is the most appealing to me out of the new releases. I have achieved my goal of getting him but now I have to change my path to be able to get the character I want. Even though I think Kharnyx looks badass, i'm a lady and don't need a man portrait. I am suggesting some sort of way to be able to pick between a man or woman version of the characters or give us the option to be able to choose which one of the new releases we want to work for. What do you guys think?

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    CampusLifer how many more threads do we need to make you discuss this issue?


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      There's already an active thread on this topic. Please continue the conversation here: