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"Apply Multiple" Button

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  • "Apply Multiple" Button

    Hey devs! Can we get an "apply multiple" button for food/wood packs already? We have one for speed ups, XP potions, and egg tokens (the breed 400 option), would be nice if we didn't have to click through hundreds of 4K packs when we are getting attacked or need/want to use them quickly. Thanks for considering!

    PGJared CampusLifer

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    Yes please it helps a lot since we still get those small packs of 4 k


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      Good idea.


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        There is an apply multiple to XP potions?? Where can i find this glorious beast?


        • warmaiden500
          warmaiden500 commented
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          it's when where you train. If you have multiple it applies them.

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        apropos breed 400, can we get a lets say breed 2000 or even more button, its incredebly boring to watch your phone breed gold and higher dragons. Like a field: enter how many tokens you want to use. of course it can cause issues with players which dont know how much a dragon costs but one could disable it via the settings or so.


        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          Autobreed doesn't stop after the first 400 unless you breed research eggs. So all this option could do is waste more of your tokens once the egg is finished.
          Imagine you're just 1 frag away and you programmed it to use 10k tokens at a time. Your first 20 tokens could give you that missing frag and it would just blow the rest out of the window.

        • MikeGoN2GetU
          MikeGoN2GetU commented
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          MereZ in that case the user is an idiot for authorizing 10k when he only needs 1 and deserves to loose those tokens lol

        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          Mike I mean this could happen towards the end of a breed.

          Simple example: You breed a 100k token dragon.

          1a) 400 tokens per autobreed: Approx. 250 Autobreeds, worst case if you don't stop autobreed is that towards the end you're 1 frag short, the last 400 could give you the missing frag with the first egg wasting the last 380 egg tokens.
          1b) You could also get really close to finishing, stop autobreed and breed the rest manually until completed.

          2a) 50k tokens autobreed (exaggerating): Approx 2 Autobreeds, worst cast if you don't stop autobreed is that towards the end you're 1 frag short, the last 50k tokens could give you the missing frag with the first egg wasting the last 49,980 tokens.
          2b) You can't even get remotely close if the number is too big so it's a hit and miss, or you have to readjust the number all the time. Basically it's not autobreeding anymore if you have to watch and adjust it permanently.
          Also many people could understand this feature wrong and wonder why their autobreed blows so many tokens away.
          Last edited by MareZ; 09-11-2017, 06:40 AM.