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No quit button when defending

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  • No quit button when defending

    This has happened several times to me but not consistent. The quit button when defending is not there so I can't quit and defend another attack. I have to wait until the attack is done or close and restart the app.

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    The quit button is actually invisible and at the left side of the screen right where your defense shields are.

    This will hopefully be fixed soon.
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      Our engineering team is already working on fixing this.


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        Warum willst du das beheben ? wenn du verteidigst dann bis zum Ende, nur dann hast du verteidigt und nicht nur reingeschaut.
        Das ist genial lass es so zumindest im Krieg.
        Dann hat das Wort Verteidigung auch wieder einen Sinn.

        Why do you want to fix this? if you defend then to the end, only then you have defended and not just looked. This is awesome so at least at war. Then the word defense has a meaning again


        • Shimo
          Shimo commented
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          Uhh let's not do that? Even if quit button were removed entirely and not just hidden it wouldn't prevent people from closing the app. If there was also additional coding made to prevent force quitting it would open the way for attackers to make defense points not count by kicking defenders out of the battle. And do you want to sit there while a group of people slowly run 5 dragons on a base with the sole purpose of stalling and holding you there while the rest of the team does their attacks unhindered? Cause I definitely don't. Current system is by no means perfect and there's a lot I hate about it but keeping people from leaving defenses really seems like a worse option to me

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        Aber irgendwas muss sich ändern, das macht so keinen Sinn wenn ich nicht verteidigen muss und trotzdem einen Punkt bekomme
        Das Wort verteidigen bedeutet: abhalten, behüten, beschützen, sichern, verteidigen, hüten (sich), decken, bewahren.
        Also aktiv was tun, was bewirken, - nicht zuschauen

        But something has to change that makes no sense if I do not have to defend and still get a point Defending the word means: to keep, to guard, to protect, to secure, to defend, to guard, to cover, to preserve. So actively what do, what effect, - do not watch


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          Defending at this point in the game is pointless, the base will get destroyed no matter what unless you are a whale.


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            This might be true in most cases but you would be surprised what a good layout and proper defending can do on a lower level base.