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Rune sorting

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  • Rune sorting

    Please, in the rune tower, once you've selected sort by rarity, can it please list the runes in alphabetical order so you can see easily when you have multiple copies of runes. Please. It would make it so much easier to find a particular rune as well as working out which ones I'd like to scrap.
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    Been asked for multiple times, as long ago as a year ago.

    So far, PG hasn't bothered to do this.

    And it is soooo necessary.


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      Grouping identical runes would def be a nice HELPFUL addition to the game..
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        Should be an easy programming fix too.


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          "This sounds easy but our engineers need to ensure that this wouldn't result in more bugs and anyways there are other (*cough* ATLAS *cough*) things which needs our attention first."

          Copy & paste this to all suggestions here on forum. 🤘🏽


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            Don't forget the internal discussions, stakeholder meetings and getting UN approval.

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            UN approval 🤣🤣🤣🤣 made my day

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          Asking for a sort function to work properly?
          Guess we should be asking for their first born children too!