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Ability icons added to roster screen

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  • Ability icons added to roster screen

    could ability icons for dragons be added to the roster screen rather than having to check in the den by checking each dragon. Would be handy if you've forgotten which dragon has which ability & it's all on one quickly accessible screen. Thanks

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    You mean like their skills/spells? In the roster tab, tap the dragon you want to see. Then tap the "train" tab. It will show the skills/spells/abilities.


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      Yeah, I know but 1screen would be better 😃


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        I just do not like multiable clicks to get info when 1 would do 😂


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          Swapping is a nice way to take a look at those that aren't on the roster; the breeding castle is another option for staying on the main base screen without using the den.

          For showing the abilities on the roster square, it'd be pretty hard to see on a phone screen. Open the image below in a new tab/window and zoom out until it's around the size of what's on your device.
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            Top of the screen when choose ure dragon, not the bottom dragon icons as you've pictured, soz it won't let me add a photo 😕