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War event crashes

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  • War event crashes

    So I have notice that every war event I start crashing during attacks. Now my game does crashes a few times a day outside of war events but never ever during attacks. There is some old code you guys are adding thats making the game constantly crash every war event. Last event when megacoins were introduced I didn't even use mine cause I was literally crashing every second attack.

    The worst thing is that I lose the energy every time I crash. Please review your code im 100% sure it has something to do with the added code during war events.

    If any other android users have also notice this please comment.

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    Yeah same here , I am crashing when I click a base to attack, when I open a chest or claim a personal prize.

    crashing at least twice every 5 minutes. At least it isnt going to dekstop it has the load screen but still fairly frustrating.


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      Yeah same for me since last update!


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        Hey, they're a small hardworking team. Buy more packs.