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Game not stable

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  • Game not stable

    I wish game was more stable. I'm on iOS. Game seems to crash every attack or two. Also anytime I move around in beta.

    rather than rollout 10 new features, how about you all make game stable?

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    Welcome to my (Android) world. Getting exceptionally irritating now and even costing wars.


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      Fixing the game doesn't create new revenue. Shiny new toys like dragon riders does.

      When in doubt, follow the money.
      What, me worry?


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        It would be good if when it crashed it provided an error code so we could help trouble shoot it.

        Android here and it crashes every second or third attack run. I havent re installed for a good month so that may help.


        • Psa
          Psa commented
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          Really good point gaza. I do like that a error dump and code and be sent to help with fixing, assuming they don't get that their end.

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        PGJared CampusLifer

        We are during a war , and the whole day sync servers, here and there... Has to new start or something...
        This is very bad... We arent even able to play well... and that we cant play properly !


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          1 day later, nothing from pg


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            Is it still happening after the update? That might be what they are waiting to see.
            What, me worry?


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              After the update all was fine, but i got that update just after i wrote here.
              Before that it was day long a pain with that sync and server stuff.

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            This has been an issue I've had many long discussions with support about. It typically comes down to lack of memory in the device and is commonly seen in older devices. This latest update is a little better, but the previous update my game crashed after every other attack, sometimes on the first attack if I did anything else first (such as claim daily egg tokens). They keep pumping more and more into the game, which increases the amount of stuff held in memory when the game runs. They don't want to cut devices out, as that would alienate many long-standing players, but it is essentially unplayable on those devices anyway.


            • War fan
              War fan commented
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              My ios iphone 6 plus (with lots of memory left, like well over 64 megs), crashed often on the older version, but still does so in the newer one.

              Also, my chats have all been screwed up too, Most times, I'm having to relaunch multiple times before it's fixed.

              I just uninstall/reinstall, so we'll see what happens to both things (took 2 reboots after new install for chat to work).

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            Still having crash issues -- usually when accessing beta. Does anyone at PG want to help or give me suggestion?


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              I've updated and reinstalled. Crashing EVERY battle in event.

              Don't know if I'm on Beta, don't believe so but do get Notifications that "your dragons are ready to attack the next map" maybe?
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