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suggestions:give more changing about dragons ability :six heights

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  • suggestions:give more changing about dragons ability :six heights

    War dragon is fun! But the original mechanism for the fair to make everyone the same dragon attack power, health settings are the same, which caused the following serious problems:
    1. There is no personal characteristics: Everyone has their favorite career, some people like warriors, some people like the sorcerers, the current game for individual occupations to strengthen the mechanism is too little, for example, some people particularly fond of warriors, would like to special Research enhance the technology of warriors, but now the war dragon technology is too small and cost too high but efficiency is too low, almost everyone is almost no clear difference.
    2. the same dragon all people are the same: you and I are all the same dragon is the same ability, skills like nothing to say, but attack power, the health are the same .It is not good, playing a long time players and the new players are no difference , If there is a stronger dragon but must continue to cultivate to the higher order of the dragon, but this is very bad, especially for those who spend money on the gold chest to take the activities of the dragon players, spent $ 1000 Less than 1 month must be eliminated, the price is too high, many people are tired of constantly changing the dragons, all the dragon life cycle only a short month, this is not a good thing, the player is not an idiot, and then go all willing Money players will leave.

    For the above two points, I suggest the war dragon team to add a dragon to enhance the ability: six heights (Measurements ?) Like the picture, the hexagonal figure can choose which one to enhance the ability, each dragon can have a variety of different ways to enhance the ability to point the number of cases so that each dragon has its own characteristics, people The dragon will not have a long, effective solution to the problem of individuality.

    Hope PG can adopt!

    original:戰龍很好玩!但是當初為了公平機制讓每個人的同一隻龍攻擊力、血量設定上是一樣的,這造 成以下幾個嚴重的問題:
    1. 沒有個人特色:每個人都有自己喜愛的職業,有些人喜歡戰士,有些人喜歡法師,目前遊戲裡面針對個別職業做強 化的機制太少了,例如有些人特別喜愛戰士,就會希望專門研究戰士的增強科技,但是現在戰龍科技太少而且花費 太高效益太低了,幾乎每個人都差不多,沒有明確的差別。
    2. 同一隻龍所有人都一樣:你我的所有同一隻龍都是一樣能力的,技能一樣沒話說,攻擊力、血量一樣其實不好,玩 很久的玩家跟新進的玩家龍沒有什麼差別,如果要有更強的龍卻必須要不斷的往更高階的龍去培育,但是這是很糟 糕的,尤其是對於那些花錢抽金箱開月餅拿活動龍的玩家,花了1000美元用不到1個月就必須淘汰,這個代價 太高了,許多人已經厭倦不斷換龍的遊戲,所有龍生命週期只有短短的一個月,這不是好現象,玩家不是白癡,再 這樣下去所有肯花錢的玩家都會離開。

    針對以上兩點,我建議戰龍團隊新增一項龍的增強能力:六圍。就像附圖一樣,六角形的圖中可以選擇要增強哪一 個能力,每隻龍可以有各種不同的增強方法, 能力點數固定的情況下讓每條龍有自己的特色,人與人的龍也不會都長一個樣,有效解決個性化問題。 希望PG能夠採納!
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    I think this is somewhat the goal of Dragon Riders.


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      Yup I think the different levels of gear of dragon riders help towards this suggestion. Good idea though.