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Incorrect event prizes when league change occurs

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  • Incorrect event prizes when league change occurs

    Two weeks in a row my team's event prizes have been incorrect due to a league change. We get the prize we would have earned in the new league rather than what we earned against the teams we were competeing against. Support couldn't figure it out without a screen shot. I got the old "we checked the server logs" run around. (Should have sent this one to L2-3)

    anyway - anyone else experiencing this?
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    This can only happen if the team reward was given during the league change. I received mine at 1 PM PST which is 14 hours after the event ended i think. Everyone should have received their rewards before the league change took place.

    Have you asked your team mates if they claimed it before the league change? If yes, then that means that you should be receiving the correct amount even for your account.


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      last week it happened to everyone but this week as far as I know everyone got their prize before the league changed.


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        PG sent my team out a packet to correct the prize. Luckily, one of my team mates had a screen shot showing where we placed immediately following close of the event.