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PG Have you heard us?

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  • PG Have you heard us?

    It seems pretty clear on the forum that there is a reasonable size group who loves War Dragons as we play it today.
    It also seems pretty clear that the majority of those who like War Dragons as we play it today do not want it to be replaced by the boats on the World Map.

    Will you or are you already considering creating the World Map as a totally different game for a totally different audience?
    Therefore leaving War Dragons and it's loyal players to continue playing the game we initially downloaded.

    Will you also return to making War Dragons a better experience for us?

    Remember every roadmap has an unforseen detour and this would be a perfect opportunity for you to take that detour.

    PGDave CampusLifer Echo PGJared Pixxel

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    There's a difference between hearing and listening. PG aren't big on the latter.


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      I was actually shocked by reading through some threads in forums some days ago, but it was also an eye-opener.

      CampusLifer explained the history of the game and he explained how the first players hated the new features, when bases were introduced or Chat function etc. And yet those Features were implemented without the Players wanting it. What happend? Existing Players dropped out, new ones came in.

      That basically explained the strategy. We always ASSUME that PG is developing the game further for us (or in other words: expendaing existing market). With that post it became clear to me that this is NOT the strategy of PG, they rather change the game for other (potential) players then the current playersbase (new markets).

      I´m almost about to give up because that means: the "buy in" or "lock in" for the whales is too big, so no matter where the game is going they will stay. Thus steady source of income for PG is safe.
      The rest is not directed into the idea of improving the game but how to make existing players spend MORE or atracking new players as future spenders. Simple as that.

      So we probably should all stop the Illusion that is has ANY VALUE trying to improve the game we want as we are clearly not the target group.
      Sometimes the truth hurts.

      You don´t believe me? Well try to meassure how many times we - the playersbase- have demanded more boats and dragon riders and skill trees for those and compare it to the times we have asked for fixing wars, better and fair scaling, less deluded Gold chests etc.


      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
        Editing a comment
        Sure but on this occasion I'm asking a handful of very simple questions with very simple Yes or No responses.
        I want to see if PG is willing to step up and answer these questions outright.
        I want to see if the answers we get do in fact tip all those who are teetering on the edge of quitting into actually doing so, or re-energising their love of the game because it will be staying as we currently have it.

        I have seen many of Campus Lifer's responses. Including way back when we were told things like War Dragons was only ever supposed to be a small part of the game on their roadmap. They decided 'this' section of the game was ready to release. I've seen many comments about their roadmap.
        Now I want to see if they have come to realise that they could keep the WD players happy while also creating their New Game for a different playerbase.

        I'm not asking for responses from the playerbase, we've all said the same things over and over. Don't need to have all that repeated again in this thread.

        We need a direct response from PG and that is why I chose to put this in the Feedback thread.

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      Excellent understanding Supersax.

      World map, collecting stuff, evolving riders, sailing.... these are all points that aim to a new target group. New type of spenders.

      Maybe recent surveys in mobile games said players like RPG games and want more depth and such. War Dragons as it is can be considered as action game and maybe those games don't sell as good as others. So they implement stuff to give the game more RPG features to fulfill market needs.

      I for one would also aim for those unexperienced and unbiased new guys who see lot of work (or spending) to do in this game when they start.

      Worst players for a money interested game are those complaining former spenders who aren't willing to buy packs anymore. Or the non spenders who are wondering why they don't get end game stuff and complain 24/7.

      So it's best to keep the whales happy and to attract new guys who spend a fortune before they lose interest and carry on.

      Is this how a successful game should work? No. Is this how to sell your product to masses and become a top grossing game? No.

      Is this a tactic to make enough money to keep the investors happy? Prolly yes.
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        Hi. I addressed this and other topics already in a very active thread. Please continue the conversation there:


        To be clear, we don't plan to release the worldmap to everyone until it's prove-ably "good". "Good" is defined by a set of metrics which would indicate that it "wouldnt tank the game".

        This involves both qualitative and quantitative measurements. This isn't to say that every single player will think it's better, but that we can show that in aggregate across the entire set of people testing the beta, on average we are making the game better by either broadening or deepening the engagement with the game. Examples: We read and build studies based on subjective feedback from players on the forums and surveys. We look at play metrics to compare how to see if players with the worldmap are more broadly and deeply with the game more than players in a control set. (number of times played per day, amount that teams talk to each other, amount that teams attack together, amount that players quit playing the game ----- all versus a control set)

        Our product and our company depends on "not tanking the game". Obviously there are many many different ways to tank the game aside from releasing a bad worldmap feature, but this is one risk point. We take it seriously.