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Suggestions - Officer Wiki, Email groups, event dragons

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  • Suggestions - Officer Wiki, Email groups, event dragons

    I would like to make a few suggestions:

    It would be really helpful to have a way to make some wiki documents only visible to officers. I keep player stats and it would be great to be able to post them there so the officers could access them easily...but it is not something I would want all the players to be able to see. There are other documents I would also like to post for officer eyes only.

    It would also be great if there was a way to email just the officers, or do a callout in a chat to just officers.

    And finally... I will always ask...again, and again, until it hopefully happens...but PLEASE bring back some of the old event dragons so those of us that joined the game later than when they were available can have a chance to get them, or get stones we missed for them.

    Also...will Platnum leagues ever get the World Map and Salvage Shop?

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    I like your first 2 suggestions. However, I'm one that thinks divine dragons should only be obtainable once.

    I don't have access to salvage shop, however would like to have it as well. As far as world map goes, I think it's past time to add more teams and regions and expand.


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      It's not just platinum teams who don't have access to world map.
      I'm in Sapphire 1, possibly on our way to Diamond II, and we don't have access to any beta features.
      Some in team do have Salvage Shop access.

      Not an Officer, but I'm pretty sure ours use a private chat group, Line group and I also know of many who use google docs/sheets etc to communicate beyond what they can do in the game.
      I believe the @Officers feature would help with your second points.


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        Also not on board with bringing back old divines


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          In the meantime, download Line and make a chat for your officers. You can post "notes" to keep track of things.

          Make a group chat in game and use the @officers feature.

          As an old player, I'm very against bringing back all the old divines. It's a status symbol for many of us, and it is very meaningful. Plus all the other arguments about the "one time only release" etc.

          Beta has little to do with your league or age of team. I lead a two year old team in Diamond and we don't have either beta for the most part. I'd be very happy to see these released.
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            Yeah as said above the Line app will fill most of your officer only needs. Though I'd be against hiding stats from the whole team personally. Let everyone see what everyone else is doing. It may make the slackers work harder.

            And I'm also against bringing back old divine dragons or giving more chances to evolve them. What's done is done and they are adding so many new ones it's better to look ahead and not back. After all you can barely get the normal line of dragons once you hit Sapphire, you're going to need those new divines to stay in the game.
            What, me worry?


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              PernDragon commented
              Editing a comment
              Good point @CaptainC...I'm not really trying to hide anything, I just don't like to shame the folks who are not doing well. I already use the Line app for our officers, but these documents are spreadsheets, so the only way they can currently access them is if I email them outside the game. But there are other docs I would like to be "officer eyes only", such as specific strategy documents for events. That's not something I want every player to have access to. I have seen too many times how an entire wiki can get stolen by a player that moves on to another team...usually the competition in the same league.

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            The officer Chat is quiet easy to solve:
            Create an ingame Group and invite only officers. With @Group all of them get the message (and only those being member of the Group).


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              There are at least a couple of platinum teams on the World Map beta, I used to be on one of them. The Salvage shop beta is by account, not by team level, and was randomly assigned.
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