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Can't post, what's a visitor?

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  • Can't post, what's a visitor?

    I got my links. They show up now, for posting and replying. Problem is they don't work. A friend told me I show up as a Visitor. IS that different than a Member ?

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    PGJared EggToken Can you take a look. I had to manually approve the posts.


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      Thanks so much, you are awesome 💖


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        Can you try relogging really quick and then try posting again? You're set in the system as a registered user.


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          We've got a few members that are still waiting to be approved as well.........any chance of clearing through the ones awaiting approval any time soon? (Think one guy has been waiting a while.........)


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            I waited a long time to get approved and didn't get anything, I submitted a support ticket and got approved within 24 hours. Idk if thats the right way to go but is what Is the fastest I think xd


            • m'Lady
              m'Lady commented
              Editing a comment
              I'm kind of overwhelmed with support tickets right now. But, thanks for the suggestion. 😊

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            PGJared I just tried to answer EggToken on another post and got the same green box that said UNAPPROVED. I've since learned that sooner or later someone will approve my reply and it will show. No clue what is causing it. I use this same forum interface for a different venue for years with no issues at all. Different user name, unrelated to WAR DRAGONS. I trust you'll see this answer too, at some point.