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Amount of RSS shown as raidable/amount protected

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  • Amount of RSS shown as raidable/amount protected

    I'm sure this is a topic that is brought up during every feeding or building event when people are using resource protection boosts, but I think it bears revisiting because it continues to be a nuisance, and I have been told several different things by support regarding the issue.

    I think that equipped boosts should exclude the protected amount from what attackers see. It's a waste of time raiding bases that say they have tons of food, and getting zero every time.

    I've been told variously that server lags are just showing rss that aren't really there anymore, or that maybe the target was hit by another raider at the exact same time.

    But judging from what people get from my own base when I have protection boosts up (I've asked players from other teams what shows as available when they look at my base), this isn't the case. Rather, the number shown always seems to include the protected amount.

    Doesn't this strike anyone else as a futile? A waste of time? And doesn't it seem like the game would be improved if this were changed?

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    try to include your production building when you ask someone what they see from you base.

    they (raiders) steal from your production building first before going to your storage hut. since production building are not protected (if no research was made), raiders can steal them and make you think that they stole it from your storage hut.


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      I quite often bookmark bases with say 50k food. Like you I raid it and get zero. 30 minutes later I check bookmarks and it still has 50k food.

      Either servers are in massive lag or protection boosts show unraidable food as raidable.


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        When event started I did a good 8 hits in a row on offline players showing 50k+ food and came back with 0. Frustrating to say the least.


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          This is real. I have friends who are on different teams who have tested it out. He attacked her base when it was showing plenty of food available on his end but on her end it was all protected because of the boost. He sent all the info to support but they don't seem to have done anything with it.
          It's extremely frustrating considering how many people have boosts on during an event like this.


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            This "showing raidable rss that aren't there" glitch has been in effect since PG introduced the production boost.

            It must not be on their roadmap, since it's been well over a year.


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              You all waste boosts and resists. PG wins again 😂


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                So there's tickets on this that show the problem. Any chance it can be fixed or at least get on the road map?

                I'm speculating, but we are probably having this feeding event so Mega Coins can be introduced into another PVP, which is why there's not a PVP event this week.

                So how about fixing the resource boosts since they affect both fortification and feeding?


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                  Raised well over a year ago. I personally liked the idea of a manual refresh button once you've selected a base, but of course nothing happened.