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Viewing resource shipments to teammates

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  • Viewing resource shipments to teammates

    If any of your programming/UI gurus ever have a lunch break free, could they add some way to see what resource shipments are pending to who, and for how much? I'd love during building events or feeding events to see just how many shipments I have on the wing without having to visually sort through the green wall of shipments for my entire team listed in the chat.

    Something simple, like adding a few lines to the info that comes up on the bottom of the screen when you tap on your storage hut - "X resource shipments available" or "2 resource shipments available, 259k food to be delivered to xxTeamMatexx in 10min" would make a really sweet quality of life improvement.

    Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn

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    This is a good QoL suggestion. I'll forward it along to see if it actually puts any additional network strain on the game to implement.


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      the game is already laggy and buggy as it is. Please dont add anymore "new features" unless you want more players to quit (especially android users)


      • EggToken
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        Performance improvements are a constant project for us as well.

      • Dakhunter
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        so do you mind swing by our Android post and say something? You keep saying that and keep making the version on Android worse and worse