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Swap Button Position

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  • Swap Button Position

    Ok not sure if this is new or not but I have been having major issues with hitting the swap by mistake. I knoW I'm not the only one with this issue. A team mate wrote support about it and The said "There are no complaints about it so we won't be addressing that issue". Now I know that is complete Bull!! So I want to know why PG told us a line of crap and do they think we are really that stupid?? We all talk to each other about issues so why lie to. People who know the truth?

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    Hi! Since we started work on War Dragons, we've received a bunch of player feedback on the position of the swap button and amount of confirmation. I've seen us change it 4x times to suit the latest player requests! To be honest, I've personally come to the conclusion that no matter what default configuration we come to, unfortunately there's going to be some segment of people who don't like it.

    I think the only suggestion which will finally make everyone happy is a feature to personalize the configuration of your HUD-UI. But that's a big undertaking and this is a relatively infrequent complaint --- I don't think it's right to prioritize it above all the other requests we're hearing right now.


    • BlazingSeraph
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      Instead of taking on the whole HUD why not, like with the chat needing to be seen in events that I asked about, just make that one thing customizable? Make it so just the button is player preference movable so we can move it where it needs to be to fit our flying style? Isn't that a more reasonable suggestion and way easier to code since you have moved it so much make those choices available to us. That would benefit all. I brought this up because being told that it wasn't complained about was wrong! We are supposed to be able to trust you with our complaints and that we will be treated fairly and honestly. This infacr was just the opposite and I wanted to discuss the button and find out why we are treated that way? It is not right and even I have had issues with that very thing. I wanted to get your input so we can get this looked at as far as the issue of the button and about being told that and basically being treated like children with the answers we get. So if making the button only customizable to the position that were suggested you already have the code so it would be much to do. I'm definitely not saying drop everything but I am asking can it at least be put on the table for discussion at some time in near future? That would mske it easier in game for all players including you guys! Is this an option that can be looked into? Again thanks for your time!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to clear this up and tell us what the issue was like we are adults. This kind of customer service is what we need honest and courteous like we are supposed to be too.
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    I know you are a long term player, but learn how to fly without hitting it. I've hit this button once in the past 12 months by accident and I was just learning how to fly hunters lol.

    ​​​​​​If you can't deal with it, then disable the button.


    • TheRedDelilah
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      I can't even remember the last time I hit the swap button on accident honestly.

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    When I was learning how to drive I hit the windshield wiper button by accident a few times. I even hit the honk button once.


    • Mechengg
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      Beautiful analogy, im almost crying over here haha

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    just learn to fly around it, it's not rocket science. Haven't done that in eons. I hit wrong spells 1000x more often than hitting the swap LMAO


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      Haha....I haven't hit swap by accident in ages. I do find it funny with the comment "just" make it for the one button. You can't just make one button with the ability to swap. I mean, I guess you can, but you still have to totally redesign the base code for the interface. What you are asking is a lot of development hours for one button or all of them.


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        And you are forgetting about the fact that those of us who have learned to fly with it where it is, would have a really hard time relearning it if it gets moved to a new location. I hate when the spells on a dragon get moved around. Takes me forever to get used to it! lol