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War declared to move up in League

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  • War declared to move up in League

    What the x?$@& is going on??? A team with all higher level players declaring war on another team much lower than them, not once, but twice?? So they say they need to do this to get to higher levels??? This is just not right. First of all Team Gallifrey should be targeting other teams in the division closer to their team levels. There should at least be a limit to how low player teams they can hit , like they do in battles. I'd like to know other comments to this insane process.

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    First, this is unfortunately part of the mechanics of the game. There was once a team that was trying to move up to diamond to challenge Dread for the number one spot. The team I was on ended up in the same league with them on their way up and they declared on us every day for a week. It happens, just let it go and declare some wars you can win to recover your losses.

    Secondly the matching system was just revamped to show players closer to your own level. But you can attack as high or as low as you want there's no limit. You want to attack a level 450 player, the game will let you if you can find one. Same with a level 4 player.
    What, me worry?


    • Panda
      Panda commented
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      I feel like this team failed in their quest.

    • CaptainC
      CaptainC commented
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      Yes, they did indeed. I think they got the top spot for a few days then infighting tore them apart again. LOL

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    That's just the way league works. I know that your team might do the same thing as them in the future. everyone does this to go higher and its part of the game design and features. You will have to declare on another team to make up for it as what CaptainC just said. since that team will go higher than you are, then by next week (monday or tuesday?) you will no longer see them unless you have the same team rating as them in the future.


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      Maybe PG will add tissue boxes to the forge with no timers so people can get as many as they need


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        it is called war dragons...............


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          You are in the same league, doesn't this define you as close enough of a team to hit in the first place?

          And maybe you guys were an easy win and they want to buff their standings before they move up so they aren't beaten back down immediately.

          Whatever the reason behind it, why complain? Rally your team and surprise them with a victory


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            I would declare on you every day if that's your reaction to be declared on


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              Well if a team is loosing players or activity, or how to say, are bin a bad shape... this team fall really fast down because many teams realize there are points to get...

              I remember a team in our league over 1800++ , and they lost good players, ... after the week they was down at near 1600.... beside the event, dont know which it was, but you need look that you can safe the teamstrengh good and activity too.

              Otherwise dont be bothered if a "much" stronger and higher team attacks you, because what they can get are 4-5 points... and maybe 20 eggtokens...
              You could ignore them and match a team you can beat, so you would compensate that, as advise !


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                I thought that was the name of the game


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                  If there's blood in the water, look out for sharks


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                    SwiftDefeater It would help to know what team you are in so that people know not to declare on you.


                    • MrJonesy
                      MrJonesy commented
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                      If he goes by the same IGN, he is in Gold III, just saying......