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Gold chest feedback

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  • Gold chest feedback

    Why do gold chest have to have boost ?

    When i pay $50,$100, sometimes more to get good drops.. the turn off is when I see a bunch of boost in my drop

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    Or at the very least make it so there is a limit to how many boosts drops you can get. Lets be honest rubies are expensive and when I pay 20 dollars to open 10 gold chests I want to get useful drops. Specially when sometimes we get 3 or 4 of those useless drops.


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      Because then you need to open 4 times as many to get the items you need and that is all PG cares about lately.


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        It's intentional. PG lowers the value of chests by having a certain percentage give zero value to the vast majority of players, but not in such an obvious way as making half of the chests empty or cutting the drop amount in half. That way, whales, who spend most of the money, buy twice as many chests. Plenty of solutions have already been proposed, such as rotating things in and out of the drop tables, but they're not acted on because it's a "problem" that's there by design. At the end of the day, chests are designed to be a brute force spending/gambling mechanic with any strategic element removed as much as possible.


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          In December last year, in response to player requests/complaints regarding gold chests, PG said they'd look into it. A week ago (the first and only update since December!), Jared had this to say "I'd say as a whole we're pretty hesitant to make changes to gold chests, but we are still looking at them / considering things".

          Basically, what Kittens said is spot on. They have zero motivation to do anything with chests because they're designed to maximise revenue. Providing reasonable value for money is not part of the PG business model.


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            Think of Gold Chests (any chests really) as a slot machine in Los Vegas. They are loaded in the houses favor but they pay out just slightly enough to keep you shoving dollars in and pulling the handle. Only a very small percentage of players will ever hit the jackpot. The majority will walk away a lot poorer with nothing to show for it.
            What, me worry?


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              The drops aren't really random if you consider a few dozens of drops. There are cycles. The contents appear in different order at different drawings, but let's say you open 70 gold chests. You open the next 70, you'll get very, very similar drops.
              When you hit the jackpot, it's supposed to be very, very rewarding. With gold chests, the legendary drops can't even keep up, especially at higher level game plays.
              Not questioning your points, but gold chest content is the topic. I don't think gold chests drops are really random, unless you only open a few.
              The percentage of important consumables for game progress drops are what we strive for. We are guaranteed to get it, but too much for too little.
              While Campus Lifer said reaching the end game fast shouldn't be too possible and ideal, the growing cost of things won't solve things on that end.
              I would like to know what are the prioritized project for PG in War Dragons is, if most of the issues are labeled as not as important. What is important at the moment? This is an genuine question that I'm asking.

              gold chest drops appear to be random only if you open a few. When you open enough, they are mostly taking a loop - for example, when I know 27,325 rubies can get me about 19-20k tokens. How do I know that? Because it isn't really random, and when you open enough gold chests, you know.


              • GodofNoobz
                GodofNoobz commented
                Editing a comment
                What's important to PG is new content that can drive profits up.

                Which is why we have seen the new rune chests, mega coin, portrait row in season tab, fire flak requiring embers over fire shards.

                It's safe to assume their next priority is launching the level 60 towers.