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Another Player Banned For No Reason

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  • Another Player Banned For No Reason


    Yet another player banned for no reason. I've managed to submit a help ticket but no response. I've never cheated and as far as I'm concerned there's no reason for this, can you help look in to it please?

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    And you have to authorize him to release the reason on forum and provide your ign as well


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      Obviously I'm not providing those details above in an open forum, but if you wouldn't mind sending me a PM then I will provide them to those that need to know in order for you to look at it. Thanks


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        Basically that means you were cheating. You obviously don't want players knowing your in-game name when CL would post all the reasons you are banned..

        Say, CL, I authorize you to post the reasoning in detail behind my ban.. my in-game name is xxxxxxx

        Simple, no personal details so nothing to be worried about. However, because you have told your playing community i.e. league and/or team that you didn't and would never cheat.. you want this private it seems.


        • Dakhunter
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          Some prefer privacy. I think it's normal. Nothing wrong about it.

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        I would authorize mine to be discussed in an open forum if it happened to me


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          I would also authorize mine to be discussed, best way to be transparent and orove innocence.


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            I wonder why PG doesnt automatically just send the reason to people, when they ban them. Would be easier


            • Rakic
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              Certainly feels that way.

            • kenshiki
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              that would take quite a long time to send every banned person a personal message on why he/she got a ban. It is easier to just make a ban message look all the same like what other games do when banning someone

            • Psa
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              Sandberg74 yeah I have always wondered this, seems like it would stop a lot of posts.

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            The problem of PG saying what the ban relates to gives away their hand. End of the day most players dont know what hacks and exploits they can get away with and I suspect PG want to keep it this way.

            Most players would know exactly what they did to be caught with their pants down. It is the 1-5% of players banned in error where the only confusion lies.
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              CampusLifer please would you be able to take a look at this, as support have not been much help. My in game name is TheOriginalAnt. Thank you in advance.