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I would like to suggest that the serious problems caused by the flight model.

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  • I would like to suggest that the serious problems caused by the flight model.

    Now the entire diamond I area has fallen for attack each other used by airplane mode.
    Please see the number of defense against the war, we actually count the number of 62 in the past has been considered very low, The number of defense only 27 can capture us all is simply amazing, Please do not leave the message that we are not in the defense, they are powerful, this distortion of the fact that the message,
    Our team is in the diamond area I team, The current ranking is in the world's top 10, But the face of flight mode attack, not we do not defend, is simply can not defend or no attack notice, So I suggest that PG quickly correct flight mode can not be defensive & no notice of the error!

    We have a lot of internal understanding of some of the program, of course, professional team less than the official, but may be able to listen to our views:
    1. New program: During the period of the war, if the connection is interrupted in the middle of the attack, even if the connection is resumed, the attack will not be established, or it will not be counted in the war
    2. New program: in the course of the battle of the guild, if the attack is interrupted in the middle of the situation, even if the resumption of connection, regardless of how long the attack or has been attacked, still sent a defense notice, and allow players to defend , The Association of defense in the number of defense to be accumulated
    3. New program: in the case of bad connection to fight, sent to the Banned fighting time, take the progressive system, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours.

    I would like to explain that the airplane mode is the use of artificial network connection bad, to prevent to no defense of the attack,
    1. is to prevent the loss of war warfare, so that the flight mode of the public can not calculate the success of the attack ,
    2 is to let the war normal players to get the normal number of defense,
    3 is the reference to other real-time strategy rules of the game, real-time strategy is likely to cause a very serious impact of the break, so the punishment is not excessive, and Relatively guaranteed each player rights. Hope that the official can listen to the voice of our players, many people have been using loopholes Toledo for a long time, has caused a huge loss of normal players, be sure to quickly make corrections.

    original: 我想建議官方趕緊修正飛航模式造成的嚴重問題。 現在整個鑽石I區已經淪陷為飛航模式互相攻擊的情況了 請看對戰防禦數,我們防禦數62其實在以前已經算很低了, 防禦數只有27卻可以攻下我們全體簡直是太神奇了, 請不要在底下留言說我們都沒在防禦、對方厲害,這種扭曲事實的留言, 我們隊伍是在鑽石區I的隊伍, 目前排名是在全球前10內的, 但是面對飛航模式的進攻,不是我們不防守,是根本不能守或是根本沒有攻擊通知, 所以我建議PG趕緊修正飛航模式無法防禦&沒有攻擊通知的錯誤!!強烈建議!! 我們公會內部有許多懂一些程式的,當然專業度不及官方團隊,但是或許可以聽聽我們的意見:
    1. 新增程式:在公會戰計算的期間內,若是攻擊中途有連線中斷的情況,即使恢復連線,該次攻擊不成立,或是在公 會戰中不計算
    2. 新增程式:在公會戰計算的期間內,若是攻擊中途有連線中斷的情況,即使恢復連線,無論攻擊進行多久或是已經 攻擊結束,依然寄送防禦通知,並且能讓玩家防禦,公會戰中防禦次數得以累計
    3. 新增程式:在不良連線情況下進行戰鬥,寄出禁止戰鬥的冷卻時間,採累進制度,5分鐘,10分鐘,1小時,3 小時,12小時,24小時。

    我來解釋一下,飛航模式就是利用人為操作網路連線不良,達到無法防禦或是沒有防禦通知的攻擊, 1.就是防止公會戰的損失,讓飛航模式的人公會戰無法計算攻擊成功, 2.是讓公會戰正常玩家得以取得正常的防禦數, 3.則是參考其他即時戰略遊戲規則,即時戰略中途斷線是會造成非常嚴重的影響的,所以祭出處罰不會過分,而 且相對來說保障每個玩家權益。 希望官方能夠聽進我們玩家的心聲,已經很多人利用漏洞圖利許久,已經造成正常玩家巨大的損失,請務必趕緊做 修正。
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    I hope PG can see this.this bug make some of our teammates leave the game,all of them are paying more money in the game.More then 1,000 dollars.if this situation doesn't fix,all of our players and you PG are lost heavily.


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      This has been referenced in several other threads already, and working on a resolution for it is in the pipeline.