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  • Activity on new members

    Is there something wrong with the activity when new members join?
    I just had a level 28 with 92k medals for the week joining and he is on inactive. Doesn't seem possible..
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    Weekly medals is broken, has been for a long time. Not eevery account has them all messed up, but a lot do.
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      As far as I know Also the chat activity and number of times you log On counts for Total activity

      what I Also see is that my own activity Goes down in pvp events, while it should go up
      so I am assuming even runs fo not count towards activity


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        Activity is based on different criterion... Numbers of attack, how active in team chat and so on... So maybe he's active but doesn't chat much in team chat hence with the inactive status...


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          Status is not the be all and end all - if he pulls his weight in events, helps ppl with xp runs, rss and does his wars thats what should matter.


          • Dakhunter
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            Totally agree.

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          If the player is inactive, this means that he is doing few attacks everyday. You might want to speak to that person and make up with chatting. Although that person still need to attack while chatting to get his activity status up.


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            I recently asked support:
            "The activity scale is based on the amount of sessions logged, the activeness of team chat, and the amount of attacks completed by the player. Someone could log in once every 20 minutes for only a minute and show as very active - or someone could log in once and play all day and show up as a low activity player."

            People will also drop off the online list if they haven't said anything in chat after a while. I've seen it happen repeatedly to a player who doesn't chat much but chains a huge number of attacks.
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            • kenshiki
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              I think they are still online, it just takes a while to see it in-game. I see myself being offline on my profile for quite awhile now. but i think it shouldn't affect your activity status except make your team think that you are offline.

            • vin28
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              Its good that the game crashes often to make you login again then 😅

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            My activity always goes down during major events when I switch from accomplishing normal attacks to PvP attacks.
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              Thanks for all answers. I feel that maby I was not clear enough.
              To clarifu:
              I know that activity drops during PvP.. I know the requirements for status.
              What I want to know is if there is something wrong when ppl join.
              The new member was the latest example but 95% that joins us are inactive. What I want to know is if they are inactive or if there is something wrong with the activity when joi
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                Why can we not get some simple weekly stats on all players
                Number of runs made (game activity)
                number of chat messages (social aspect )
                number of medals earned (its already tracked, just need to fix the code)