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Runic & Silver Runes Suggestion

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    TexrebWarlord Honestly, I wrote a post on this with lots of hope and positivity, hence the suggestions, not discussing the price of runic chests and forgo that it may currently be broken etc.

    I just wanted a clarification.

    Time is passing by, I've thought about this thread and my question from time to time and refrained myself from posting here because it reminds me of being positive constructive may come with a price like this.

    In all honesty, I'm not trying to hold you liable for the 100K+ rubies I spent on the Runic chests for that particular event.

    Im only asking for a clarification.

    I do understand you have a large variety of topics to work on every single day.

    And i I do understand if my question is ranked at one of the last spots in priority.

    Do you mind letting me know if that's the case?

    If that's not the case, just any sort of response that ends this so I can stop having a hope. As you know, if there's no expectation, then there will not be a letdown.

    im not being sarcastic, just to be clear. I am going to keep playing, for the social aspects of the game, also for the haters.

    Since I know my reality is that I'll keep playing, I would like to adjust my expectations to make my gameplay nicer. So this is a sincere request.

    Thanks again.
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      Has there been an official answer?


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        No and I don’t get it