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Runic & Silver Runes Suggestion

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  • Runic & Silver Runes Suggestion

    Hi all!

    As we all know, base runes have remained somewhat mysterious as certain runes seem to have descriptions that are a little hard to comprehend. Players have sent in tickets to enquire about Storm Tower runes, as it suggests the Storm Tower supershot damage can be increased. While Storm Tower does deal damage while deploying the Invincibility Shield for nearby towers, it is unclear that what the runes do exactly.

    It was not a huge deal, among all the things are awaiting for the dev team to fix, until recent Runic Chests drops.

    Now we have:

    Mythic Ice Turret Striker Rune - 1st Ice Turret Super Shot Damage +35%
    - 2nd Increase Ice Turret Attack Speed +2.2%
    Mythic Ice Turret Frenzy Glyph - 1st Increase Ice Turret Attack Speed +4.2%
    - 2nd Ice Turret Super Shot Damage +18.0%

    There are Fire Turret runes also, but this post is to enquire clarifications on what these runes & glyphs mean and how they work. While the wording make it sounds difficult to comprehend, there are vague research texts that are also vague but actually works for what it was intended for. If this is the case, please clarify to us and have us understand what these runes really do so that we can mindfully improve our base in the strategy game we love.

    As I was discussing these Runic chests drops with fellow Dragon Lords, questions have arised. After discussions, we have a few suggestions on how these runes could work for the vague and unknown rune abilities.

    Change runes for Storm Tower, Ice Turrets and Fire Turrets that way:

    - Storm Tower Frenzy/Striker and Ice Frenzy/Striker runes will be increasing damage per second runes.

    Super shot for each of these towers:

    - Storm Tower: invincibility shield duration will be increased

    - Ice Turret: Ice Shields provides x% more health

    - Fire Turret: Super Shot damage per second increase

    Now, Mythic Fire Turret does already state "FIre Turret Super Shot Damage +18.0%". It was included for the sake of completeness of the "beam" type of attacks.

    I did not think that with Storm Tower runes, I would start a topic for discussion and clarifications. As Runic Chests cost 8K rubies per 10 drops, for those of us who do take the opportunity to try to strengthen our bases, we would want a clarification and we have put in suggestions of how we think it could work. I was called dumb for buying them in a chat today. That should not be the case, as these runes were meant for a good cause - to make our bases stronger. It should not have been a dumb purchase, right? The cost is an issue that I do not intend to discuss here. If its issues about the cost, maybe the Thread that PGJared has opened with the drop examples would be a better place for it.

    PGJared My drops are very similar to what Jared has shown to the community. For those of us who are looking for Ice and Fire Turret drops from Runic Chests, these Runes and Glyphs should definitely do more than increasing the base Defense Power visually. (Again, maybe its because the wording was vague and we did not know how these beam attack runes work all along)
    I have included some of the Runes & Glyphs I mentioned above in this post for easier checking. Also, thank Warlord for putting the suggestions together.

    This is my first ever Forum post. So again: Hi everybody!

    Lets get into discussion and see what we can understand & do together!

    Rune & Glyph Example
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    Echo PGJared EggToken

    I want to emphasize that there is no such thing as an "invisible supershot" which deals damage neither for storm nor ice towers. In case there is one then the damage is thought to damage red dragons I tested it and also others like owl multiple times and we couldn't see any damage.

    Secondly pls clarify what increased attack speed means. A beam is a beam a beam cannot be increased. It's like flash light on/ flash light off. Basic physics. It's bad wording it should say increased damage per second.

    Please clarify finally what that beam tower runes which have shields as special attacks do.

    The whole community needs answers.

    Knowing the towers and reading the description of the runes as they are now I don't see storm and ice runes working. Neither frenzy nor striker.

    Frenzy made sense on ballistic towers to shoot 2 instead of 1 projectile per second. A beam has no projectile. It's a straight line.

    That's why tony and me ask for dps instead of frenzy runes and shield enhancers instead of non-existent damage strikers.


    • MaQleod
      MaQleod commented
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      I'd assume attack speed increase on a beam increases the damage per second that the beam takes off by the percentage stated on the rune, but again, that is just assumption. It would be nice to have clarity on that.

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      Nice post TonyRen & Warlord

      In the other thread on the rune chests, I had asked PGJared to look into the same issue, which he said he would gladly do. I opened a ticket in game as per his request.

      I think your suggestions are balanced and reasonable.

      I mentioned I thought the ice turret supershot "boost" should add to the shield %, my major concern is that we will get an answer back that says "it does that".

      I cannot find a way to objectively test if this is working; This is very similar to the problem we have with supershot boosts on blue mages for example: does nothing.

      Hopefully we will get some decent feedback, PGJared has been very transparent on this so far, and it's greatly appreciated.


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        Hey folks. Give me a little time to look into this as it's still the weekend. Also, congrats on the first forum post.


        • Texreb
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          Any update yet on this? Trying to hold off equipping until I hear

        • ToNyRen
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          Hi PGJared , I have read posts by CampusLifer and understand there are many, many priorities. I don't mind waiting, but would hate to see the questions sink to the piles of forum topics. Can you shed some light on whether this could be clarified? Are there difficulties that we just have to wait? Any type of answer on this works, thank you in advance.

        • Texreb
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          Over a month and no responce!!! Poor( almost no)customer service

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        Kool.. interesting topic


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          IMO, 10 Runic chests are worth 2k. Certainly not double the cost of 10 gold chests. Most runes are worthless.


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            I thought the Archer runes works pretty good?
            also, the cost of these cannot be determined until we know exactly what it does. Can't assess value before we know what they are. But as someone who's spending rubies to get them, certainly want everything to be cheaper. Again, valuations of these runes need to be done after knowing what exactly that they do. Then it'll be up to the person and PG to strike a better balance.


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              PGJared can we get the update?


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                ToNyRen you hear anything?


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                  I agree. Additionally, can we get runic chests more often? Like once a week (say every Sunday) or at least once every two weeks?


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                    Silver chests need a damn good updating now, they're almost ridiculously irrelevant to any players in triple digit levels. I don't mind Runic chests as an addition with chances of mythic and legendary, but the basic silver needs the newer spells and vastly better chances for useful things like rage, cloak and healing mark.

                    Actually, the silver chests exhibit the same problem as rss transfers, xp gains, rss drops in chests, chest contents generally, mission tokens, speedup timers etc., they were all setup with the current amounts or contents when a level 200 was considered top. As has been mentioned numerous times to no avail, perhaps we are meant to quit at that level...


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                      Pixxel this is where we were talking about the ice turret rune, an increase of speed to it


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                        Echo PGJared EggToken Can we get runic chests more often? Like once a week (say every Sunday) or at least once every two weeks?


                        • Lutrus
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                          Or improve the drops of silver chests? 🤷🏼*♂️

                        • Texreb
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                          Sorry PGJared has run away from this topic, said he would get back to us but hasn't

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                        PGJared is to worried about argueeing about someone being a troll to even get back with us on a response he said he would!!!!! 8-6-17 has been over 1 month


                        • Dakhunter
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                          As usual 😏. Now they are having "Internal meetings" which will take years to come to a conclusion

                        • Texreb
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                          CampusLifer can you get someone that can answer our question PGJared has ignored after saying he would get back to us over a month ago?