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Missing a mega coin

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  • Missing a mega coin

    You gave me a mega coin because I had a great Valor and then you gave everyone a free one. So I should have two. It's only showing that I have one. So where is my other one?

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    Echo EggToken PGJared CampusLifer


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      Screenshot the one in your inventory and send in a help ticket. Happened to me too and they gave me he second one within a couple hours. Note that when they do you will the get the screen that you are required to reset ... almost made me miss a back up on a mega attack :/


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        You'll have to submit a ticket. Without knowing your IGN or being able to search your account it's completely impossible to know what happened or sort anything out.


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          PGJared this seems to be a constant. Same issue here and I've heard many others with this same issue.

          we haven't submitted ticket because normally this sort of thing is brought up and fixed to all affected. Now your saying we need to all send in support tickets?


          • PGJared
            PGJared commented
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            I want to verify the issue so I can get a bigger fix looked into. If I go to the team without at least doing due diligence it's way harder to get things done.

          • YellowMonkey
            YellowMonkey commented
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            Support took care of mine. Even slivered it using Huggin the express delivery dragon.

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          can you even see great valors if you had any? they dont appear anywhere i think


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            Basically, if you THINK you had a Great Valor and THINK you didn't get a coin for it (or them if you think you had more than 1), yeah, you have to send in a support ticket. Be nice, not all bitchy, and they usually will take a quick look and give you what is owed.
            Personally, I think the support ticket team has improved a LOT lately, for the most part, and they are usually extremely helpful, if you go about it in a nice way (not all bitchy, demanding compensation and whatnot).
            You have to do the same thing (STILL) to find out what stones you have for past season's divines......too.


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              there should be a way to see all these items i think, including the stones a simple inventory somewhere on the avatar screen or anything. as long as you can check what you have in stock.


              • MrJonesy
                MrJonesy commented
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                Yup, there "should" be, but there isn't. So you make do with what you got. Eventually, if enough PG employees time is taken up answering how many stones I have for x dragon, how many energybpacks do I have, how many xxxinsertsomethingherexxx I have - maybe they will add a master inventory screen......