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Kinnarus Dodo Guardian Nerfed

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  • Kinnarus Dodo Guardian Nerfed

    Kinnarus dodo guardian now dies as fast as Apophets shadow. You can't go and change something your customers paid for for the worse after your customers paid for it. No matter if it was cash money or in game currency. PG please confirm that this was intentional (and why it wasn't announced to the player base) or please provide us a fix for this if it I should a glitch. Thank you.

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    Can you get video or photos to confirm it?


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      its the summon warrior bug, don't use that skill before her silly


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        I just noticed it when someone else was flying her. Then I saw mine disappear. I will try to get a screen shot or video next time. Support has said they are aware of this issue. Chromat1 it's a passive skill so it's automatic.


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          He means don't follow someone who has a summon in their skill set (like apophet).

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        I think he meant that you should just avoid flying Kinnarus if the previous dragon flown used the summon warrior ability, either by having that spell naturally or having it added on as one of the spells you can equip onto your dragon. That's one method of preventing this "bug" from affecting your dragon.


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          well, there were already 2 posts for this, and doesn't seem like admins want to look at them, EggToken posted something and there were no more updates, so maybe CampusLifer PGJared can help, this has been going on for a long time now since we reported Apo's shadow disappears if lead attacker used Apo or other summons as well.