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App Keep Crashing on My Android Phone

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    I shared your frustation (or may be irritation) Dakhunter. I didnt see replies from their side on this thread, other than from our fellow Android users.


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      Same here. My dragons still lag and since the update my game closes.. mine is a note 3


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        PGJared Do you have anyone from your staffs that is responsible for the Android Platform? We have been waiting for some responses from PG but all radio silence


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          Can we have an option to turn down the graphics ( like we had a few days ago) the game seemed to work much better for me. It is back to crashing and lagging. With low graphics the defense was at least loading by the time10-15% of my base was destroyed now I seem to enter defenses after 70% of my base has been destroyed which is to say defending has become pointless.


          • Dakhunter
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            very strange indeed. With the low setting from the 3.40 for me, my game loaded in very slow, usually i joined in as my base got destroyed to the third island. Now, after the new fix, game still crashes, just takes forever to load.
            I really want to have the game reverted back way way before the update, at least I still can join in others' battle very fast

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          I had problems always at the blackbloods or tug of war events. I did about 3 - 5 attacks and from now on my game crashed after every action. Like opening chests. Claiming rewards. Or collecting season prizes. Once the support wrote me back that the issue is cause i played a lot with mobile data and i should use only wifi in events.
          From this day i never ever got kicked out from the app. Maybe this helps.

          Using Galaxy S5


          • Aurino526
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            Thanks for your info. I think everyone should check on this. Really thanks.

          • sovereignty
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            I use to play on a S5. Honestly when I first started playing WD it ran pretty well on it (sometime last winter), but then a couple updates later after I first began playing they did something that started causing it to lag more. After those updates, with that phone, yes playing on Wi-Fi did help if the Wi-Fi connection was faster than the mobile network. It seemed to be because the device was already struggling to handle the game and slower connection just caused it to timeout even easier. But I never actually crashed. I would just be kicked from attacks back to my base.

            So what I'm saying is what you're experiencing sounds to me like something new and, if a slower connection is causing actual crashes, there's possibly something else going on with the app that needs to be addressed. I just don't think the proper solution for actual crashes should be "don't play on mobile networks".

            Just my opinion. Also, did this just start with 3.4?

            Thanks for sharing that info.
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          This is absolutely infuriating! I can't tell you how many healing potions I've had to use, or how much in potential resources I've lost from this constant crashing.

          The keyboard popping issue gives me headaches - literally.

          Pocket Gems - you made your app to include Android devices - fix it!

          Android users far outnumber Apple users.

          We should message them in the app and the forums every day - perhaps then they will take us seriously.


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            not a single word of explanation or empathy from PG employees to this thread PGJared CampusLifer EggToken Echo.
            This is what we are complaining about PG communication. This thread has no flame/troll or anything contains the toxicity of the forum and you guys decide to ignore it. This is the reason why we are mad with the way PG treats the customers
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              This is beyond acceptable here. PG staffs go answer all other threads on forum (@PGJared, CampusLifer, EggToken, Echo) and not a single words on this thread.
              We dont troll, dont flame people here and PG decides to ignore this thread. If you just want to ignore the Android community, why make the game for Android? Can you just simply pop in here and tell us to get lost?.
              if this is the way you decide to treat Android users please let all of us know so we could quit the game


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                PGJared CampusLifer EggToken Echo