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App Keep Crashing on My Android Phone

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  • App Keep Crashing on My Android Phone

    Hi, I wonder whether anyone here has experience where War Dragon app just get closed when are attacking in the event? Few times even when I was just browsing the game (clicking on dragons, towers, etc.), it closed by itself. I am using Samsung S6 edge, if that matters. This only happened quite recently, probably from middle of this week, like from 3 days ago. Now I can't play totally the game. It would just crash and close by itself. There may be something wrong with my phone, but I'm not good at IT stuff, so please someone enlighten me. Thank you all in advance.
    PGJared EggToken

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    All my android devices have been experiencing random crashes since the last update. It seems to happen more frequently on my S6 and S7 edges. It isn't just your phone it is a problem with the garbage that they call the android client.


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      It's nothing wrong with your phone man. wd is not Android friendly at all. This game has been buggy for Android users from day one and no matter how top-of-the-line our phones are, the next update will make our new phones look like crap (aka break ot even more)


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        Thanks for the response guys. But to be fair, at the beginning I didnt experience any bug at all... well.. I could remember there was this syncing error problem, then this app crashing when I breed certain dragon eggs, then this DEF power decreased issue, then this app closing problem came in and became more frequent only recently. Before this Team Gauntlet event my team just had intense wars and there was no this app closing problem (thankfully).


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          If you ever get a chance, join a defense side by side with an android and iOS to see what we mean about performance and client. Also same thing with an attack or the beta map. Performance is abysmal in comparison.


          • Dakhunter
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            i guess iOS has virually no lag... I have flown across several bases and they had almost no delay in hammer drops and Supershots

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          It isn't your phone per say...or at least the problem isn't with your hardware or any other software on your device. There is something that was changed in one of the War Dragon updates early last month that is affecting the Galaxy S line of phones.

          ​​​​The more I speak to people the more I find the same symptoms happening with the Galaxy S line. Random crashes no matter what you are doing...whether in attack or idle at base. First I thought it was just the S8 since they were messing with display resolution changes, which is what I have, then I found S7 users experiencing the problem, and now you am seeing it on the S6. It's still possible that it has something to do with the WD update for S8 resolutions that is also affecting the S6 and S7. The S6 and S7 both have the 2560x1440 screen. The S8 is just a bit longer at 2960x1440. The common ground is they all did not have the random crashes before a couple months ago and now they crash all the time making it almost impossible to successfully make any progress on attack events. The summer season I am so far behind my usual progress it's ridiculous.

          I have been trying to get something accomplished through support, even having tickets escalated up to the development team, but that's not an easy thing to do nowadays.
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            These random crashes are also affecting Motorola and LG devices too so I don't think it is a Samsung specific issue. Although it happens most frequently on my S7 probably


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              I get 4-5 crashes a day. It always happens after an attack, after the medals and food are earned and a result of me pressing the "return home" button. It is more of an annoyance because i always get the RSS/Medals/Event points that the run gave credited to my account so i'm not technically down anything, except for time when it happens during a PvP island and it takes me 2+ minutes to log back in.


              • Jeff8682
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                That's another thing that bothers me. What in the original connection/negotiation causes ios to load so much faster than android? If anything my androids typically achieve higher connection speed results when using speed tests. It almost seems like something all the way down to the core mechanics of the app is functioning below average.

              • sovereignty
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                Jeff8682 I believe the sync differences is due to a delay in the way they are processing the Android databases. There was some lack of foresight when they converted the game over to Android. The way it was converted is why they are putting off supporting transferring accounts from one OS to the other.

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              One of the most frequent that I experience is the one that happens whenever game sits idle for more than about 5 minutes. When I pick the phone back up, as soon as I try to drag screen or click on anything the game crashes. Other times it crashes while idling before I get a chance to pick it back up and attempt doing anything. The most annoying one happens approximately every 5-8 attacks, the game crashes while attempting to join a team member on their attack(happens when joining both IOS or another Android). This can possibly end up costing other players energy during events or the team defense points during war(really pisses me off).


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                Originally posted by Jeff8682 View Post
                These random crashes are also affecting Motorola and LG devices too so I don't think it is a Samsung specific issue. Although it happens most frequently on my S7 probably
                Which Motorola and LG do you have?


                • Jeff8682
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                  Here's my list from a previous thread.
                  Motorola Nexus 6 - android 7.0
                  S7 Edge - android 6.0.1
                  S6 Edge - Android 6.0
                  LG V10 - Android 7.0
                  Note 12 - Android 5.1.1
                  Lenovo Tab 3 - Android 6.0
                  LG Nexus 5X - Android 7.1
                  LG G5 - Android 7.0
                  LG G4 - Android 6.0.1
                  LG X8.3 - Android 5.1.1

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                If anyone who is an Android user could please post a comment to this one with their War Dragon version, device model, OS version, and carrier, and whether it frequently crashes randomly, - most specific is if it crashes idle at the base also - I will keep this comment updated. Thank you!

                There's a trend here on the devices. Although, the only ones who can look further into this have been ignoring us so far. I'm mainly concerned with resolution comparisons since the crashes I have on my S8 all started around the time they were messing with the S8 resolution for an update or a little before. Plus ones I have talked to so far all have QHD screens. Of course who knows what all else was done because release notes are not always very specific when it comes to bug fixes. Before whatever they changed my phone ran great. Also I hooked my phone up to get a logcat and when the crashes happen there's always a bunch of stuff coming up that it's trying to set a resolution that's FHD instead of QHD.

                Edit 7/26/17: I will be monitoring the new update that came out yesterday as well and post my findings. Also will try to update list with OS version and carriers if needed.

                QHD - Random crashing - even while idle:
                - Galaxy S8: 2960x1440
                - Galaxy S7 Edge: 2560x1440
                - Galaxy S7: 2560x1440
                - Galaxy S6 Edge: 2560x1440
                - Galaxy S6 Active: 2560x1440
                - Galaxy S6: 2560x1440
                - LG V10: 2560x1440
                - Note 12: 2560x1600
                - LG G5: 2560x1440
                - LG G4: 2560x1440
                - Galaxy Tab S2: 2048x1536
                - Samsung Note 10.1 2014: 2560x1600

                FHD - No random crashes while idle
                - LG Nexus 5X: 1920x1080
                - Huawei P9: 1920x1080
                - Google Pixel: 1920x1080
                - Galaxy S5: 1920x1080
                - Xperia Z5: 1920x1080
                - Samsung On7: 1920x1080

                FHD with crashes but seemingly different trend
                - LG Tab3 8: 1280x800
                - LG X8.3: 1920x1080
                - Galaxy Note 3: 1920x1080 (After WD update 3.4)
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                • FlyingMerlin
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                  I'm also experiencing random crashes. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Nougat (7.0). It crashes in the middle of an attack, during defense, and even when idle at my base - IOW at any random point in the game. My boyfriend has an iOS, and has no trouble.

                • Dakhunter
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                  Please add Xperia Z2 on the list too. It crashes randomly now

                • PodunkPrincess
                  PodunkPrincess commented
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                  Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

                  Android Version 7.0

                  WD is up to date.

                  Have checked connection, optimized device performance, closed other apps, reinstalled.

                  Crashing mostly during event battles but also when random browsing game, when idle and during regular battles.

                  Also Chat is still messed up after several months. Preview shows messages that are hour old. Messages are delayed posting. Event updates are coming through several times.

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                Wow. Thanks for your comprehensive reply sovereignty and Jeff8682 . This is very useful compiled information for everyone.


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                  You can add Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to the list.

                  Crashing randomly, idle or interacting.


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                    Huawei P9 - FHD, no crashes.


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                    Google Pixel - Nougat 7.1
                    crashes ONLY directly after a battle, never any other time