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Sekhem broke?

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  • Sekhem broke?

    Hey is dessacating sand broken on sekhem as I use it but towers are still able to attack 🤔
    Any info would be much appreciated thanks guys/gals

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    I just ran him and it works just fine. I know if a defense is in "wind up" and you sand it it will finish the fire. This is most noticeable on fire turrets as their wind up is significantly longer than say an archer or treb. But on my run if I sand something on the back end of an island I can coast the entire length without it attacking; and this was on every single island.


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      gonna need more info than that.....

      what towers are still attacking? - fire and ice once the animation started, sanding wont stop the initial attack
      where did you hit the sand? did it actually land on the tower that you can see the sand at the bottom of the tower? - if you don't see the sand, you could very well landed on a spot close to the tower but not actually hitting the tower
      did you misfire second shot after sanding? - well this is self explanatory, you touched it a little bit, sand is gone.

      gonna need pics or videos to know what exactly you are talking about.


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        Hey guys thanks for the comments I will try to upload some pics as it's decided to work when I just ran him. As for the problem I was firing on towers (ice tower) 4th island from base sand was underneath but still proceeded to beam attack me, also with archers and fire turrets. Will update when it happens again thanks all.


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          Yeah for stream attacks (ice, storm, fire supershot), each shot is a 2-3s stream. So if it already started a shot when sand hits, it will finish it. Sand just stops it from
          starting a new one.