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App has gotten progressively worse since the last few updates

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  • App has gotten progressively worse since the last few updates

    EggToken CampusLifer PGJared

    The app(android) has slowly gotten worse, it is now extremely laggy. That is not event he worst of it.

    Most of the time I will get kicked from runs when i follow someone. I will get kicked from defending any base.

    No, it is not my 60mbps wifi that I have all to myself. It isn't my phone which hasn't changed in the past year that i have been playing.

    I have tried everything support has suggested have tried reinstalling, changing the visual settings, trying a different network etc nothing has worked.

    Right now the only reason i play is because of my team that have become close friends. If it wasn't for them i would drop this game like a hot potato. I don't know how long i can hold out though cause i am essentially playing a team game solo. A really slow glitchy game that takes ages to load anything at all.

    here is my phone specifications if that helps

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    I have the same problem with my android phone. Even after a fresh start on the phone. Others cannot join me for backup & I get kicked when I try to join others.
    i have another account on IOS and it's only running marginally better.


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      Same problem here - also android.


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        Odd, I have two Android accounts and both are running nearly perfectly, lol. But someone in our team on iOS keeps not seeing invites, not connecting, chat laggy, etc.
        Really not sure what the root cause is of these inconsistent problems.


        • NinAK
          NinAK commented
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          150mbs connection ios and same phone entire time I've played war drAgons and I'm constantly battling bullshit problems with this game. Just flat out crashes 5+ times a day and very often lagging chat and missing banners

        • gaza8143
          gaza8143 commented
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          Flames what sort of android device? Mine is an old S5 galaxy - easentially I upgraded to iOS but since I cant transfer my game over to iOS I am stuck playing WD on my old phone.

        • Flames0
          Flames0 commented
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          I have two of the Huawei P9 with Octa-core (4x2.5 GHz Cortex-A72 & 4x1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) processor and 3GB RAM.
          My previous phone was a Sony Xperia Z3 and this struggled especially on big bases, very laggy.

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        Also having these issues on android. I even have trouble staying connected to my own accounts on runs. I have tried them over my home network(350/40mbps), 4g, different networks, even one running on a hotspot broadcast by other phone. When joining someone on iOS, these problems get even worse sadly.

        Also, the app crashes randomly every half hour to an hour at the longest. It can be sitting there idle and the app will suddenly crash.


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          Tell me about it. I'm running 300mbs, tried both 2.4 and 5GHz, and full bars 4G service. I use to get booted EVERY time I tried to defend myself. Could defend other no problem, other than boosts not activating until 3 Islands later. In-Game help advised me to log out of my Pocket ID and log back in. After I did that, I would get booted from every defense. Didn't matter if it was mine or someone else. The boot almost always happens right before the 1st Dragon goes down.

          My nephew was over the other day, he plays WD's as well. Anyways, he wanted to attack my base and vice versa, so we did. Noticed something very interesting. When he went to defend his base, I was almost finished attacking his base when he "joined". The game still let him apply boosts and powerups to towers that I had long since destroyed. The delay from what I was doing to what he was doing was astonishing.


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            Needless to say, it is pointless for me to try and defend a short base, and I have to start 3 - 4 islands back on a long base for anything to take effect. AND, the problem still exists, yet worse after trying the "fix" that In-Game suggested.


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              NUM1PHAT This is exactly the same experience I am having. Cant defend and cant join attacks.

              If I follow someone and their dragon goes past the first turn the server disconnects or if their dragon goes down the server disconnects.

              When i try to defend --- if the server even allows me to defend --- the game happily takes my hammer/sword/shield but never applies them I have to place the boosts 2 islands ahead for them to even have a chance of being applied (subtracts from my total nevertheless). Supershots always say network delay. I am guessing I am the same as your nephew in this scenario, defending attacks that have already happened.

              I am becoming more and more useless in wars since I cant back or defend, thankfully my team is supportive and still wants me as officer.


              • AzureCathid
                AzureCathid commented
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                As the leader of Vin's team, he is an invaluable player --we founded the clan together and it wouldn't exist without all of his hard work. He not only works his tail off as an officer but contributes regularly to forums and the larger War Dragons community. As I have played with him for a year--we used to do all our XP runs together daily and now he can't even join or defend me. This is an issue on the PG side, and even after multiple requests for help, he has received no help in fixing the issue from PG other than "reinstall." And we have lost over 10 high-level players in 2 months due to continued issues with no joinability issues. As I doubt multiple people in multiple countries are suddenly unable to attack or defend without getting kicked would NOT be a PG issue. And I have also seen it happen on iOs.
                And you are not useless vin28 We would be lost without you.
                Last edited by AzureCathid; 06-19-2017, 08:01 PM. Reason: Grammar

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              I have no real problems whatsoever with the game, and I also have a Motorola phone. A lot more glitches pop up randomly, but it's not affecting how I play. I would imagine that there are more factors that come into play that PG may not be able to fix.
              Also- problems involving the team could be caused by your teammates.


              • NUM1PHAT
                NUM1PHAT commented
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                I'm sure there are other factors coming into play. But there is most certainly a sync issue. It would appear that the vast majority of my personal defenses, when no other defenders are involved, start when the attacker is half way through my base. This is why there is a "Network Delay" appearing over Supershots instead of them instantly queuing.

                The game is responding as if it is throwing you into the battle, and once it syncs up it boots you. All players need to be synced prior to the battle starting.

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              Forrest have you ever tested defending with your phone side by side with an ios device defending? Typically the dragon is already an island ahead of where the android devices see them. Occasionally you might get lucky and be synced up but in my experience it is not often.


              • Forrestt
                Forrestt commented
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                Jeff8682 Lol, I guess it may be evident that I have not, in fact, compared defense side by side on Android and iOS. I can imagine that that is true, however, just from being aware of the performance differences on Android and iOS.
                Last edited by Forrestt; 08-07-2017, 05:30 PM. Reason: I honestly don't know.