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Chat Translator Suggestion

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  • Chat Translator Suggestion

    ​​​​​​​I actually brought this up roughly a year or so ago and it is buried in these forums somewhere. But I wanted to throw it out there again as I do not know if the PG employee who responded originally is even with them anymore.

    In previous games I have played (such as Game of War) there was an auto-translate feature in the chats. When you chose your primary language, the chat would automatically make everything written, regardless of the language it was written in, into your primary language. It doesnt seem like this would be that difficult to do. By no means were translations from Russian to English perfect, in fact most of the time you had to guess (just like google translate). But atleast if gave a basis as to what was being said allowing better communication by the team.

    I know there are plenty of teams (if not all) who would benefit from something like this. Is it possible, even as a back burner item, this could be implemented?

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    Perhaps somehow integrate google translate functionality?
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    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Would this work on IOS?


    • Hieronymus
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      I don't know that much about it. It works in browsers on macOS and iOS, so why not?

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    I agree that this would be handy, as it is with other games, but it's not a necessity or vital to gameplay. I think that PG should be focusing on fixing the major bugs at the moment and switch over to new features that may cause even more later.


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      This would be a neat feature and I also played game of war and can validate that the translater they used was of a pretty good standard.

      they used a third party didnt they? I remember in the settings it named the comapny so maybe PG could leverage off the same service provider


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        I like this. A way to copy the text 👍🏼.


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          This would be incredible!!! Our team has talked about this before. It would help with teammate communication for sure 👍 It gets tiring switching back and forth between the game and Google translate.