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Timelimit war declaration

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  • Timelimit war declaration

    Hello Community, hey PG Team, PGJared Echo CampusLifer EggToken

    We all know about the disadvantage of wars for europe and asia, because when wars start, that part of world have there sleep time.
    Now if a war is declared earlier, people can prepare, maybe not most, but some...
    I know that you dont wanted to change the time like a rotation of 8 hours per week, after some events for example...

    So i wanted to discuss about a timelimit for declaring wars... Last night it happened again that a prepared team just declared in last minutes, and kept attacking at wave... That way we other teams have no chance, otherwise they arent better than we are.. and often i saw how some people made fun of how easy that or that team is beatable...

    Now there should be a way for a limit of declaring a war, like 4 hours before for example...
    Of course i would like the rotation idea much more, because that would be a fair trade of all over the world... But if you are not able for that easy task, then how about the timelimit ?

    I know rotation would place your american players in the role, where we are always and would make them maybe "cry" , so i dont expect it really, even if that would be a fair way.
    So this limit for declaring allow other teams as ours to not get suprised as we did...

    What do you think ?

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    Having a time limit to declare wars would be great. It is a dirty tactic and (from my experience) happens often. Not only is the receiving team unprepared, but having the 8 pm Eastern war prevents many players from being able to come online even if summoned by Line or "@" mention.
    In my opinion a team should be able to declare a war at any time, but if it comes within say 2 (for example) hours of the war start time, it gets carried on to the next day and each team gets more notice.
    Think this is something that PG should look into, because it is becoming a problem.


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      The best thing would be to bring War Start times forward by 4hrs still giving a start time of 1pm PST with a 9pm GMT start time
      This would then allow the Eastern Hemisphere the chance to actually be awake for the start of wars after all its a Global game
      No there is no perfect War start time but surly allowing so many extra Countries to be able to participate in the start of war will just make them far more interesing as most wars are won within the first few hours
      Also the idea of putting a time limit is a great idea to stop the late declerarions and teams getting in there War attacks before its even started


      • Sparkie
        Sparkie commented
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        Those times wouldn't work for Australia or Asia. Either way someone will be put out

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      EmrahT I like your idea.

      There are many reasons teams declare in the last minutes. It's not just teams like yours who are asleep at that time that they hope to take advantage of. By catching the other team off guard and then attacking in waves they give the other team less time and chances to defend too. In a game where more and more top end wars are decided by the number of defends and people taking advantage of the airplane mode bug this has become yet another tool they are using to squeak out wins. But it's a tool I hate to see others taking advantage of just as much as I do the other exploits.

      A 4 hour cut off time to declare before war start time seems more than fair.
      What, me worry?


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        Agreed. I think the 4 hour cutoff would help with multiple issues, particularly the exploit mentioned above by CaptainC .


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          I'm sorry but this would be just a small improvement for something which is unfair by design.
          Having a timelimit for wars still makes people either sleep or being work! Knowing it starts doesnt wake people up or make them leave meetings.

          Yet it´s fair that the Aggressor (party declaring war) has some "advantage".

          So to me there would be two much easier Solutions then a timelimit:

          1. Assign fixed war time Slots (like every 8h) and war starts always at the next coming. That wouldn´t fix the sleeping/Meeting problem but would finally put asian or european teams in the position of having the SAME advantage over american Clans when declaring wars.

          2. Even Better: Simply have a timer: the moment a war is declared a countdown starts like "war starts 12h from now" - you can still chose your time as aggressor but still have enough time to rally your troops as defender


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            Warum Krieg ? Es muss doch Verteidigung heißen ! Die Kriegen werden doch über die Anwesenheit der Verteidiger gewonnen.
            Verteidigung ist ja auch falsch, er muss nur da sein, er muss nur zuschauen wie du 5 Flammen holst.( und gewinnt dadurch )
            Verteidigung ist aber aktiv etwas verhindern.
            Sinnvoller währe es einfach die Anzahl der Angriffe zu Zählen.
            Erreiche ich keine 5 Flammen muss ich nochmal fliegen.

            Übersetzt mit Google - Übersetzer
            Translated with Google translator

            Why war? It must be defense! The wars are won over the presence of the defenders. Defense is also wrong, he just has to be there, he just has to watch as you get 5 flames (and wins thereby) Defense is however actively prevent something. It would make sense to count the number of attacks. I do not have 5 flames I have to fly again.


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              I absolutely agree on a time limit and I really like SuperSax 's ideas!

              Let us Europeans (or any other timezone in current disadvantage) get the same advantage and let us choose our war times.
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                Im not against these ideas necessarily, but I dont think its much of an issue. If one team sleeps while another is active, then several hours later it will be the other way around, so it evens out.


                • Spooky
                  Spooky commented
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                  This is my experience as well. The main advantage is if you can line up a big wave for a risk free prewar green banner attack. Although we do this too, I think for fairness sake only war banners coded as such should be able to get flames.

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                No offense, but it's a legitimate strat to declare at the last minute, oh and if you're team is one that does this, enevitably that means they are prepared to counter last minute wars themselves. If you want to address the issue of not being awake when wars start however, maybe you should diversify your team with global players.


                • CaptainC
                  CaptainC commented
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                  It is a legitimate strategy, at this time. But as you can see above not everyone thinks it should remain so.

                  In the end it probably won't matter. PG has a history of not listening to us. The whole issue of tied wars was discussed at length for months and many great ideas brought forward to fix the problem. In the end what we ended up with is the current severely broken system of deciding them by number of defenses successful or not.

                  Could be worse, they wanted to decide wars by how well a team did in events. That would have caused many more to quit the game I'm sure.

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                I think the 4 hour cutoff seems fair.


                • NinAK
                  NinAK commented
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                  I'd like to see a 2-4 hour cutoff prewar, this is one of the best ideas I've seen in a whike

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                I'm also adding my voice to this idea - was thinking about it for some time as well. The wars in Diamond and top Sapphire leagues almost ALWAYS starts in the last minute. Few times we got announcement about war start EARLIER than announcement about DECLARATION! If the only way how to win is catch the other team off guard, and attack before war starts to use green banners, it's not very fair. It's just a weakness of the game, which can be misused by SOME players. Would be great if this weakness could be fixed soon 👍👍

                Declare At least 4 hours before war starts sound fair. The war beginning time-rotations even better.


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                  Or make it that you can choose the war start time you would like but it has to be 4 hours from the time you declare it.

                  Yes the "glitch" would still be present etc. But even without that wars become more strategic. In real life would attacking the opposition in the middle of the night be a tactical advantage - yes. etc etc Wars still run for 24 hours but it just means a little bit more strategy comes into it, why do all wars start at the same time everyday - no reason what so ever other than that's the way it's programmed!

                  Im sure you get the idea

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                    I want to bring this up again.... The reason is again that a Team decleared 2 minutes before that war... And before the war started they attacked with "green" attack, and finished if succesful with "gold" inside the timeline...

                    If they get defended outside the timeline or cant success, they still can break up...

                    Against this unfair movements i wanted that you PG do something...
                    For example 12h or 24h, after declaring a war it could start to make it fair everywhere if you dont want to bring this timelimit in...

                    The funnier thing is... NOT that 1 team is enough doing that pervert strategy... They teamed up against us as "ally"...
                    It makes me really angry when teams like that combinate .... Airplane mode + unfair glitches... and all i told together to against our Team...

                    Where are we going ??? Should we be that like too ?? Many european or germans or asian teams have similar issues too... Should we be that unfair too and attack as a BIG Group ?
                    Yeye... then some come and say... its "war" dragons... so why rules ?

                    Really after so much time and so much disadvantages i get sick of this ... its just allowed for them ... really


                    • MareZ
                      MareZ commented
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                      The good news is that PG is apparently about to fix the before war attacks.

                    • EmrahT
                      EmrahT commented
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                      That would be really good. But as you said, it would be better if the time for wars can be after 12 or 24 hours after declared, because this last minute suprise wars are very often... And if teams as allys or groups attack us, its worse ... hope they find a way out for that too

                    • PhoebeDoragon
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                      The NY stock exchange is also used globally by investors, but is run on American time. Granted there are others, but a lot of the ups and downs you can make money on being a day trader is aligned with American Eastern Time Zone. RL isn't fair on timing either, so maybe learn how to be a successful day trader, and your schedule will align itself with war times for War Dragons. 🤣