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The problems with "Feeding Event"

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  • The problems with "Feeding Event"

    Point #1. The feeding event should have been implemented as an enhancement to the breeding event.

    If the feeding event was an improvement upon the breeding event, it would've been great for the player base. It be very hard for players to earn points in breeding, adding a way to earn points based on leveling dragons during the breeding event to get to the next step, would be very helpful. Incorporating this event into breeding would actually be apart of progressing in the game. It would let players, that feel like they are behind, and trying to get dragons to breed level on time, could still earn points, while progressing to the next step.

    Point #2. The feeding event is counterproductive.

    The only way to "prepare" for this event is to save up XP on dragons, and wait to level them during a feeding event. This is counterproductive on many levels, since 1. It makes players hold back on leveling useful dragons, and 2. Makes players waste time leveling useless dragons. This either holds you back, by making you keep a weak dragon on your roster(whether it's having a low level good dragon, or having a useless dragon on it), and/or making your roster weak as a whole. This event causes people to hurt themselves to prepare for.

    Point #3. This event causes people to waste resources and/or play stupidly.

    There's really no way to tell how much XP you will need between Breeding events for the next one. This causes people to waste XP potions, and transfers on dragons, they won't or flat out don't need to. (You could do the math, but if you have a Building event you can't always be sure how much more XP you will need, beyond what you can do, during the time up until the next Breeding event.) This event is literally designed around trying to get peeps to waste their rubies and/or spend money and waste that as well. I don't know whether this is intentional or not, but either way it should be addressed and corrected. Whether you are seeking a money grab or not, you shouldn't implement it in a way that hurts a player, or causes them to unwittingly set themselves back, by the design of participatingin / preparing for the event. The aspects of this event actually being conducive to the player's progression, would be easily addressed by making it apart of the breeding event. It incentivizes rushing dragons with rubies, meaning more money for PG like this event already does, but allowing the player to do so wisely. It lets you do this on a dragon that is worth doing it on, at a time you would benefit from doing it.

    Point #4. You have to use Rubies to earn any significant amount of points.

    This is pretty obvious, and self-explanatory. There isn't really a problem with this, if it were actually conducive to player progression, but this will rarely be the case, because of aforementioned reasons.

    Point #5. There are no chest drops that earn you points in the event.

    "Wait a minute, what about food packs", you say? Food packs do not directly earn you points, unless you have a dragon ready to use it on. This means either having them ready before the event, trying to grind XP during the event, applying potions(That don't earn you any points, and should I might add, and are a very scarce resource.), or using rubies to transfer XP. Almost all of these are either time consuming, a waste to use, or actually hurt the players progression, as those resources would be best spent on something else. I know some of you might be saying the same thing about Fortification, because you need timers in order to use the RSS for points. The big difference here, is that timers are a very plentiful resource, especially compared to XP potions and/or rubies. There's also many more resources for building event that earn you extra points. Building during a building event, also does not hurt you, it helps you. You need to build in order to progress in the game, and doing so during the building event has benefits to it. As I have stated before rushing dragons during Feeding, holding back on leveling dragons in preparation, or wasting time on useless dragons, does not help your progression, it's counterproductive, and actually hurts your progress, in almost all cases.

    Point #6. There is absolutely no extra benefit to rushing dragons during a Feeding event.

    Yes you earn achievements for them, but in any other event you'd also earn points in, and get rewards, at a much lower cost in resources. Especially since the resource to use to earn a vast majority of points, is rubies. Rubies gets you anything and everything, from covering gaps for making it to the next achievement just beyond your reach to Gold Chests and other things that help you. You get much more worth out of them point wise, for what you get in chest drops alone for any other event. There is also no discount on XP transfers during the Feeding event, when shouldn't there be a benefit inside the event to do so? This is especially true since it's the primary resource for earning power into in this type of event.

    Point #7. There's no points awarded for using XP potions.

    Come on really? This is the only event specific resource for the Feeding event, and yet it earns no points for you, how is this the case?

    I'm trying to stick to the solid rational points on this, and keeping the whining, screaming and outrage to a minimum. I'm going to give you, PG, the benefit of the doubt that you were just trying to give us a new type of event/something to do, and earn some $ in the process , and that it wasn't created out of pure greed. However, with all the points I've presented, and I'm sure there are some I missed, or could be added to, you guys need to rethink this event. I stand by the fact that if you combined this event with breeding both you, PG, and the player base would benefit from it. You would get some extra cash thru the way this event works, maybe less than you do now from whales, but more from peeps like me and some other peeps. It would also help the player base, as it would be conducive to player progression by being apart of the breeding event. In my own personal experience, the last breed event I rushed some dragons during breeding event, because I actually needed to, so it does happen in breeding event. I also would've thought about dropping more money on it, and rushing a few more, if there was that incentive of the feeding event incorporated into breeding event. Outside of breeding event, there is absolutely no reason for me to rush a dragon(s) like that, besides just throwing money at you for no real payoff in the end.

    In conclusion, thanks for trying to give us more content, but no thanks on how it was implemented. Please listen to my advice on this, and just rework the breeding event to incorporate your new ideas with Feeding event into it. This would benefit all of us, thanks.
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    Well said. And this is why Joeseph / Joebot said feed events were dead and would never come back. When he said that everyone was excited!! Fast forward 9 months and this terrible event is back =/


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      Originally posted by PhoebeDoragon View Post

      Point #4. You have to use Rubies to earn any significant amount of points.

      This is pretty obvious, and self-explanatory. There isn't really a problem with this, if it were actually conducive to player progression, but this will rarely be the case, because of aforementioned reasons.

      somehow I don't think PG will view this as a problem. lol


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        All your points made sense to player perspective and I agree with them 100%, the problem is it fails to show how PG would benefit by stopping or merging this event with another event. By now it's pretty clear that for anything to change it needs to not only benefit the player but more so benefit PG. Its clear this is a money grab event, it was released before fortification event having many players den capped and unable to feed their divine dragons. It forces players to use speed ups, rubies, food packs and xp potions to get anywhere in the event.


        • PhoebeDoragon
          PhoebeDoragon commented
          Editing a comment
          The thing of it is, having this event inside the half price 2 weeks actually causes them to lose money from the Whale players. Also if peeps feel like they just being asked to throw money away, it will stop some people from spending.

          As a side note I thought I covered it in the post, but more people would be inclined to spend rubies if the Feeding event was apart of the Breeding event. It would benefit a much wider audience to rush dragons, during that time, other then just spending money, just for the purposes of spending money on trash dragons, just to earn points.

          I, for example do not spend on Breeding events usually, because (It was proven to me, in this last Breeding event where I dropped money, not to earn event points, but for season end and so next building event I could blow up in level.) it costs way to much to do well in the breeding event. I also refuse to just throw money at them for Feeding event, the payoff is not worth it at all, and any smart person can see it's just a money grab. You don't reward people for being stupid, or trying to rob you, or rather, you shouldn't do so.

          All in all, it's in their best interests to go the 'Breed & Feed' route. It actually helps players, and in doing so adds more incentive to the player base to boost there revenues every month. Whale players, while many may think they do, do not in fact keep these games afloat. They pump a massive amount of cash for a little while, get bored with it, and move on. Dolphins and Krill are what keep games like this going. The players that spend $20-$250 per month, the ones that put in just enough to keep up with the Jones' or have a slight to mild advantage, but still find enjoyment out of the game.

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        The ability to throw food at perches solves the lack of hungry dragons issue. Kind of. The problem is that you can toss small amounts of food, less than the protection amount. That's what makes it different (worse) than a building event. You have to accumulate enough wood to also be at risk of raids in a building event. You at least have a chance at getting something good, as rare as it is.

        Food went to zero almost immediately when the event started. In fact, 5 minutes after I started the game, the event had started and I was already raided. I only found out because the game crashed and I restarted, to see the event up, and the flash of getting hit. Food availability went from ~70k (normal) to maybe 15k. 5 minutes in, it was like 30 minutes into a building event, because you can feed perches or crap dragons and show 0 food. Oh, and the protection glitches from the production boost still haven't been fixed.

        Also, for the love of all that is good, please make it possible to add a food boost to farms while storage is upgrading! There is no good reason, whatsoever, for that restriction. It should be allowed to be directly applied from the farms.

        Prize tiers also suck. It's the usual "whales paid their way to the top, therefore everyone else has to suffer 2-3x higher tiers, across the board, for the same or smaller prizes." I usually land on the 450 sigil mark for wood events, but I'll be pushing it to make it to 225 mark (8m food), in no small part due to the inability to boost food production. Feeding is just a bad event all around, and that's without the increased tiers, which make this a waste of an event altogether. The only bright side is that perch feeding removes the incentive to starve your dragons, so it's *just* a waste of an event, as opposed to worse than a waste of an event.

        XP was a better event, in every possible way, in every form it's ever had. Feeding should be replaced with that.