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Crystalline (ice) shield now has a cool down?

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  • Crystalline (ice) shield now has a cool down?

    I believe this is new. Other shields do not have the cool down.

    This change seriously weakens Frostbiter and Snowdrop.

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    Snowdrop is useless now. He had good defense with bad offense before. Now snowdrop has none. I would never have picked Snowdrop in Spring if I knew this would happen. Bait and Switch!


    • Ksa
      Ksa commented
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      Yeah. No idea what dragons I'll be using in wars now. Frosty was my goto dragon.

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    When it originally came out it did have this cooldown and was annoying. I thought they removed it due to complaints but it's probably the same cooldown timer as freeze or something of that nature so worked it's way back in.

    I petition we get rid of the cooldown again as well.


    • #4
      Invincibility has no cooldown so why on earth does Crystalline, especially given its weaker nature anyway? Really crapped on Frostbiter and Snow, at least reduce the length of cooldown to half that currently.


      • #5
        yes, please get rid of it


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          I recall ET saying when it first came out that the cool down was an experiment of a new parameter to balance a defensive spell by. They may have screwed something up by giving it a cool down even if the shield is not broken (I seem to remember this being the condition for the cool down to activate before), or they maybe have done a stealth "rebalance" of the spell.


          • War fan
            War fan commented
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            The cooldown was only supposed to occur IF your shield was destroyed by projectiles.

            It has a timer on it when you cast it, but there was no cooldown if the timer just expired.

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          Yeah the cooldown sucks big time. Its not like crystal shield is op without a cooldown. I dont know why they feel the need to constantly change mechanics like this :/

          oh wait, yeah I do. So you go buy emeralds.


          • #8
            my guess is that the switch was unintentional and is another byproduct of poor version control by PG

            as already pointed out, when first released, the crys shield had a cooldown, which was widely disliked, PG agreed, and removed the cooldown

            now, without notification or a listing in the update, it's changed back? seems to me like someone was working from an older version of code and crys shield got "unfixed" by accident in this update.

            hopefully they can change it back to no cooldown relatively easily and quickly if that is indeed the case. (if not, an explanation for the change would be appreciated)


            • Owlrager
              Owlrager commented
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              Its wierd tho bc its not the same as when it was initially released, since currently theres always a cooldown whereas initially it was only if the shield was broken before it expired. So kinda seems intentional, but who knows, certainly not me. They could have accidentally changed the cooldown conditions lol.

            • Ksa
              Ksa commented
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              I do get the impression the code for this game is very fragile.

          • #9
            I think this sums up pretty well how PG roll out the patches for WD

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            • #10
              Echo EggToken PGJared can we get an explanation?


              • #11
                Get rid of the cooldown please. Skill was already weak.


                • #12
                  We will be updating this back to zero in the near future. Thanks for bringing to our attention!


                  • Ksa
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                    Thank you

                  • SuperSax
                    SuperSax commented
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                    thank you ... as many stated above - Snowdrop suffers quiet strong with this

                • #13
                  Thanks Echo!

                  Also got a confirmation in another thread:

                  Originally posted by EggToken
                  This was an unintended change due to fixing an issue with other global cooldowns. We'll be removing the cooldown in an update (hopefully) next week.
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                  • #14
                    Yeah, noticed this happening just today. Not happy, made him even weaker 👿👿👿