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  • Android Client

    Performance Improvements
    • Fixed an issue that causes crashes
    Congratulations your pathetic coders fixed one crash issue and managed to cause the game to crash every 30 minutes or less now across every android device I own. SERIOUSLY FIRE YOUR CURRENT STAFF AND HIRE SOMEONE WHO CAN CODE SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS WITHOUT BREAKING THE GAME WORSE. The fact that you make money off this game given the state of the product being sold to your customers. Can you implement a REAL BETA environment and test the complete crap you keep releasing to the player base.

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    Hi Jeff. I'm sorry you're experiencing these problems. May I ask which devices and OS versions you're using?


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      Nexus 6 - android 7.0
      S7 Edge - android 6.0.1
      S6 Edge - Android 6.0
      LG V10 - Android 7.0
      Note 12 - Android 5.1.1
      Lenovo Tab 3 - Android 6.0
      Nexus 5X - Android 7.1
      LG G5 - Android 7.0
      LG X8.3 - Android 5.1.1


      • Marvin Lamb
        Marvin Lamb commented
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        Holy shit, that's a lot

      • GodofNoobz
        GodofNoobz commented
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        That is the most phones I have seen a single human being have lol.

      • vin28
        vin28 commented
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        lol I haven't had that many phones in my lifetime three predate smart phone era.
        Motorola (cant remember the model)
        Sony Ericsson w200i
        Sony Ericsson w550i
        Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
        Sony Xperia SP
        Moto X Pure Edition (2015)

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      I work in IT so I tend to change devices often. Also, I have received some for free to beta test before like the nexus 5x. Sadly that is a list of only the ones that support the WD app.


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        Dear Jeff:

        Please phrase your feedback in an appropriate, constructive manner. I normally would have forwarded this topic to our android engineering team, but I'm not likely to send over something phrased like this. We don't talk to each other like that around here.


        • gox1201
          gox1201 commented
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          Really? So you won't address issues because you don't like the tone they are being reported in? Amazing, PG never ceases to amaze me, and they wonder why people are quitting in droves

        • NUM1PHAT
          NUM1PHAT commented
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          Take what you can get. LoL, he (I'm assuming) flat out deleted one of my posts, I can only assume because it was overly negative towards PG in nature, but contained no inappropriate language.

          And to clear things up, apparently, people are quitting because they are on inactive teams. ROFLMAO