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Battle Screen changes/options

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  • Battle Screen changes/options

    I have noticed i have issues hitting the SWAP button when battling..
    i see the battle screens are set up a tad to the right if the islands but we all shoot out to our center/left sides mostly and to hit watery items, shios, bridges etc, if we are tapping to our right upper side, we hit the SWAP button. This is upsetting/frustrating when you are back-up, just start with a full energy dragon to just swapped from a dif dragon, like a flame thrower to a TAP shot..I have teammates that get upset as well for the same reason as i do.. Especially if the base is set up with hard hitting towers etc. Your hitting hard to the left side screen If your using 2 hands, your right hand is the shooter(unless you hv some lefty setup? I dont know about)/flame throwing and your hitting so hard off the the left screen mostly, that to Swap, you need to stop killing and hit SWAP at the same time or die. I noticed also that though he are hitting the bases on a left side position, we never hit the buttons on the left side. Which brings me to the option of moving the swap button either to the left or to the top center. With that option too, you can move the quit button, up middle screen area. The path thats shortest from left/mid screen to the button. If your playing on a cell, which i use a stylus but even a tablet turned sideways, if your using fingers, its still shorter and quicker to either use the left hand/fingers to hit the swap/quit buttons simultaneously as they battle.
    Like driving a car, your turn signals, etc sit on the left side, so you can use both hands and do 2 or even more things at once. Multitasking..I honestly prefer the manual trany while driving. But when driving, the dashboard and all are set up to allow for fast or quick access/glance from points A to B. Most switches, buttons or ? Is set up for the left hand while the right steers, the trany positions or not often while driving, turning on radio(not station change often while driving/preset) and AC/heater. They even stopped cellphone use during driving for a darn good reason(accidents/murder death that being said..i hope you get the idea,
    i just know when I am battling with a flamethrower, the button is in the way to seeing ships, bridges and base defense towers and can slide onto the button and tap shooting, you hit it with ease.
    im just suggesting the option of adding it to the left side that is clear from the battle area or if it was up top, then would be a shorter route from the battle zone. Path of least resistance but out of the way of being hit. Most of the screen with exception of the small left area and top, we are battling in..though the major part of the base/island is set left centered..if you guys didnt offer up drops by hitting ships and such, then ppl wouldnt be hitting out to the right screen accident hitting the button. To me its a simple given.
    But, if you had an option that allowed the player to move around the buttons on a DASHBOARD screen, allowing the player to set it up for each players prefs.
    if they are South paws vs Rightys, allow the screen. Ootions be set left, middle or right. Each button from sides to top or opposite side. As well as the %of base destroyed. Honestly, if i would move it around, I would have the quit/ swap buttons up top and the % under them. Or on the upper left side but move the destroyed% from left side to upper centered. Makes for an easier view of % fast in the O(circle of vision). That's also why ppl hit buttons towards the upper right side, they see the lower right screen n look past the button in the battle..reminds me of being blindsided.
    Anyhow.. This was long worded but I'm sure ya get drift. I wanted ppl to read this and be able to RELATE/COMPARE it to something they use in a day to day manner.I hope ppl read it though.

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    I'll be honest, I didn't read all of it. Trust me, this SWAP thing is a big deal for all of us. You can only disable it.


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      Cut & pasting my response from a recent time this came up:


      Hi! Since we started work on War Dragons, we've received a bunch of player feedback on the position of the swap button and amount of confirmation. I've seen us change it 4x times to suit the latest player requests! To be honest, I've personally come to the conclusion that no matter what default configuration we come to, unfortunately there's going to be some segment of people who don't like it.

      I think the only suggestion which will finally make everyone happy is a feature to personalize the configuration of your HUD-UI. But that's a big undertaking and this is a relatively infrequent complaint --- I don't think it's right to prioritize it above all the other requests we're hearing right now.


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        Uhm I've never had to target anything in the top right corner, EVER. Why it's not up there and just floating in the middle right, I have no clue.

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      You get used to it over time. I can't even remember the last time I accidentally swapped, but I do remember having those issues early on. One nice thing to keep in mind, you can nick the outside between the button and the edge of the screen to fire a shot there without it swapping. I do that one all the time.