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Dragon eggs for research feed back

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  • Dragon eggs for research feed back


    I have been playing this game now for about little over a year and still trying to do the catch up game to get to final lvl of dragons before new set is released. I understand every few months there will be new dragons and new lvl how ever some of us can not catch up and get out research done at the same time. To get one green egg it could cost just as easily as 800 tokens and that is just for one and alot of researches need 60 or more. My feed back is we should have a system to exchanged the extra egg we have that are useless.

    1 plat egg for 100 gold egg
    1 gold egg for 100 green egg
    and so on from Emerald down. This way people will have a chance to catch up eventually and also use the extra useless eggs just sitting on the background.

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    Hey Voodoo,
    PGDave Echo I completely agree. I am a level 270 and still haven't finished my green research because the pace of dragons released have never left me enough tokens to spend on green eggs. An egg trade in program would be an awesome idea. Though... I feel the need to clarify that it would be a terrible idea to charge rubies for this service. Example, remove your runes from your base and replace it with another rune that you have. Ruined the great idea by charging rubies. Let's prevent that on this option if it is ever enacted @PG in general.


    • Rhaurk
      Rhaurk commented
      Editing a comment
      The impression I have is that no matter how much the product team wants to make things better for players, there is a requirement that no changes are made that directly cut short term revenue. It's pure speculation on my part and I hope I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just being too cynical.

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    I totally agree something needs to be done with research eggs. I'm sure at the time 800 eggs was reasonable for one green egg but now with all the new content coming out and a HUGE increase in breeding egg requirements something needs to be done about research eggs. Either reduce the cost to breed green eggs or offer up some trade system as mentioned above.


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      Agreed Voodoolord007 At this point I will not finish green research, because it's not worth it to breed green dragons when I'm working on Sapphire/Garnet. I like the idea of a trade system.

      PGDave EggToken Echo Dragon Punch I know a lot of players would appreciate a solution for the green research bottleneck, please look into this. In the past PG has said it's not a priority, but if you look at the percentage of high level players who haven't completed green research I think you'll find a problem that needs some sort of solution.


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        Agreed. Really bad that everyone is stuck at the same green research bottleneck.
        There are many threads that ask for this and offer easy fixes.
        I think Voodoo's idea to exchange one higher egg for several lower eggs is great and could be incorporated into a "Salvage Shop 2.0" (I think the feature is ready to release so in its second iteration, research eggs could be added?)
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          I was hoping that the whole issue would be solved with the salvage shop (if it ever comes).
          Imagine trading unneeded items for green research eggs (or whatever you need). But no, it won´t be an option - we have to live with our problem a little longer.


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            I'd be happy if they let us sub in one of the possibilities in a breed. If you could throw a green result into a sapphire or higher breed there would be a significant number in a single try.


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              agreed with all - great ideas and very much needed!


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                So. Gold eggs cost about 2000 tokens and Platinum eggs are 2400 tokens. We all understand fairly well that we get much better results obtaining new dragons with our tokens rather than buffing older dragons with research. I get the attitude that we should be able to get it all, whether we pay or not, I do. But, getting a few measly percent in green buffs gets us exactly nowhere.