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Runes and White Spells answer from Support

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  • Runes and White Spells answer from Support

    One of my teammates reached out to support for an update regarding double blast rune on Tarand and this is the answer they gave him.

    "Indeed the Double Blast runes worked for Tarand for a while. Unfortunately, runes no longer affect white spells. As white spells are already immune to Red/Blue Mage towers (Tarand's explosive shield is a white spell), runes no longer add effect on them to balance the gameplay.

    I can remove the runes for you, but please note that we're doing this as a one-time gesture and we can only remove the runes that are affected by the issue. Kindly confirm the runes you'd like removed and we'll take it from there."

    This makes it seem like no runes work on white spells! This needs to be clarified immediately because why offer runes if they don't work on dragons!!!PGJared EggToken
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    Runes no longer work on white spells.

    In fact, few runes work at all, any more.

    PG is (supposedly) in the process of matching runes to spells, so that runes/glyphs will work with spells only if both names/types match (like havoc with havoc, and not chaos (like it did originally), even though both work the same).

    As far as I know, only reverse projectile, invert and fireball work correctly (that's IF the spell works (ie, not bugged)).

    All other runes/glyphs are bugged at the moment.


    • War fan
      War fan commented
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      As I stated above, NO runes/glyphs work with white spells.

      They used to, but they no longer do (ever since the reverse projectile/invert rune fiasco). This has been stated by PG as accurate, and will be this was from now on.

      If a rune/glyph is to work on a white spell, it MUST state that it is for the white spell. Otherwise, it will NOT work.

      Before the rune glitch, runes/glyphs worked with white spells as long as they were similar (freeze rune with white ice shock, for example). THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE.

      So customer service is correct: at this time, NO runes/glyphs work with white spells, unless they specifically state it (there is an ice shock rune, but it's the only one I know of).

    • defpolak
      defpolak commented
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      I understand what you said. But even when you explained it a second time you contradicted yourself. You have one comment where you say "NO runes/glyphs work with white spells" and another comment of "If a rune/glyph is to work on a white spell, it MUST state that it is for the white spell. Otherwise, it will NOT work."

      Those two comments contradict each other. And the later, which I thought it was the way they intended, is NOT what support said. Support said

      "As white spells are already immune to Red/Blue Mage towers (Tarand's explosive shield is a white spell), runes no longer add effect on them to balance the gameplay."

      Supports wording leaves the impression that no runes, even when named correctly, work on white spells. And if this is the case the summer hunter mythic rune will not work. And if support was mistaken why does Tarand's exp shield not work. They should rename his spell asap and supply new runes to match like they did for the freeze/ice shock, invert and reverse debacle.

    • War fan
      War fan commented
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      I'm not contradicting myself.

      Since NO runes/glyphs say they work with white spells (the lone exception being ice shock), that means that AT THIS TIME, NO runes/glyphs work with white spells.

      IF a rune says it works with a white spell, then it will work with the white spell (and the only one I know of is ice shock).

      So… other than ice shock, NO other runes/glyphs work with white spells, since NONE of the other runes/glyphs state that they work with white spells.

      IF at some time win the future, PG creates a rune/glyph that works with white spells, then and only then will they work with them.

      Until then, none (other than ice shock) work with white spells.

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    Sorry, but you don't offer a double blast for Explosive Shield on a branch for a dragon that has Explosive shield and then get away with spin doctoring it saying it's not supposed to work on that dragon. That's ludicrous.

    People made decisions based on that behavior. Not just applying the rune, but choosing to put in the enormous amount of effort to GET that dragon.

    This is what they need to do.

    1) stop naming spells that are different the same.
    2) rename white Explosive Shield to Blast Shield or whatever
    3) give us all a Blast Shield rune.
    4) provide appropriate runes in seasonal branches

    Remember, they are divines, they are SUPPOSED to be more powerful. They take a lot of work to get, especially the mythic version.


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      Was able to have My double blast Mythic and Legendary runes removed from Tarrand. Now where to put them?


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        This is ludicrous Why once again does the player have to ask for things which PG has 'screwed up' to be changed. I also have the Legendary Double Blast on Tarrand.

        They have already screwed us over with Runes on these dragons, renamed them then changed them etc, etc.
        Now we have to learn that if we ask support we might get yet another Rune fixed.

        Well seriously PG.... you changed the rules, you damn well need to treat everyone who has a Rune associated with a white spell on their dragon the same and fix it equally for all of us.

        Getting extremely sick of this, 'We'll fix it if they catch us approach'


        • DaBomb
          DaBomb commented
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          That right there is the absolute key to why so many high level players are gone, and why this forum is mostly negative. "Screw em over until they notice" is a poor model, and encourages our proudly geeky population to put their strengths to work... spreadsheets, math, attention to detail and ultimately a nitpicky analysis of every change in the game. If we could trust even a little that the customer mattered to PG ... wow, what a different world it would be.

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        Everyone here seems to be missing the critical point that the support guy (i.e. the last guy in PG to know anything) said runes plus white versions of spells ARE UNBALANCING GAMEPLAY!!!

        WELL PG, WHY IN THE %÷#$%¥ DO YOU THINK WE PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THAT DRAGON!!! We could see it would be a great combo. Fix this or compensate us generously for this violation of what you promised us for our money!!!


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          So here's what I just got from support.
          Unfortunately, most for the white spells don't have their respective runes at this time. Besides Tarand, can you kindly tell me which other dragons are you having the same issue on so I can look further into this.

          In other words, they have completely shifted responsibility onto the players to know what they are doing to our dragons in order to get appropriate compensation for their changes.


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            The simple answer of course would be to let us remove runes and glyphs from the dragons like we can towers. Maybe with a "tariff free" weekend at first and then for a small price like the towers. That way we can remove what's not working on our own. That would also give us a feature we wanted anyway as compensation for this mess they made.
            What, me worry?


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              Classic support answer: "... to balance the gameplay"

              "We gave you working runes in that dragon's prize tier but now we broke them to balance the gameplay"
              "We gave players more items on the first weekend of sigil chests but then we nerfed the content on the second weekend without an announcement to balance the gameplay"
              "We made this season more expensive and nerfed season prizes to balance gameplay"

              MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

              Important Threads to find everything you need


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                And another wrong ... or at least controversial thing.

                My last Information was that double blast rune is simply "broken" - so in that sense I was waiting for a "fix". I even remember asking if it was Patch 3.20 and almost sure I got the reply that "no it´s too complicated it will take longer and be rolled out in a later patch".

                Either Statement of support that "double blast doesn´t work with White spell" is simply WRONG or Support is right (and I´m afraid of that) that Information which were provided in Forums were wrong --> that would mean PG doesn´t intend to fix the rune but simply calling it a "bug" and not making it work.

                Geez... I am not sure which of both Options I like better.

                Sorry, I can´t post links of posts here but I am sure if you search for double blast rune there is more then one thread with replies of PG staff.


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                  So, right now runes only work on the spells that exactly match them. The white version of explosive shield doesn't have a corresponding rune. We are considering a few options here, but I think in the near-term we are most likely going to remove the runes from any dragon that has the white explosive shield so players have the option to put them on other dragons.


                  • defpolak
                    defpolak commented
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                    So Tarand now was basically offered with NO runes on his line, at least none that pertain to him. And Sage is at minimum missing his Mythic glyph as I don't recall what his legendary one was. But if it was an explosive shield type then he also now was given with NO runes on his line.

                    I half understand the reason if the white version was too powerful, but compensation in one form or another should be given. Right now you are taking away what we were told would work and telling us to waste it on Kaiju or even worse - Danzig/Hugin/Amarok.

                  • LizDrakemoor
                    LizDrakemoor commented
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                    This makes me really wish I'd focused on Aster last season instead of Sage. After waiting to see what the hunter would be like, I ultimately chose to pursue Sage's line because I believed that the double blast runes I had from Tarand's line the previous season, as well as the explosive shield rune from Sage's own line would work on him. I specifically chose Sage because of the amazing runes I had for him.

                    There was NOTHING in the season line that told us players that "Hey, these awesome runes won't work with your fancy season dragon. Maybe you should consider choosing a different dragon to focus on."

                  • GodofNoobz
                    GodofNoobz commented
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                    That would require communication on their behalf, and unless you have a power point presentation of your question, that's detailed and broken down into paragraphs with bullet points and charts, you'd have a better chance of winning the lotto then having them respond.

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                  Is the white version of explosive shield fundamentally different in any way other than the color?


                  • MaQleod
                    MaQleod commented
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                    Sabin76 I meant in duration or how much it can take percentage-wise in damage, or how much damage it deals. Other white versions of existing spells have some stat changes, so I'm wondering if there is a difference in the white version of explosive shield.

                  • defpolak
                    defpolak commented
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                    Back in the day when Amarok and Tarand where similar stats and both in my line up, I felt Amaraok's shield lasted longer. So I'm guessing it's slightly weaker than it's blue counterpart but I never really ran tests.

                    Edit - I'm also curious if the shield takes any resists into consideration. I know when running Tarand it'll pop from a fire turret but if I don't deploy the shield he'll take very little damage. Which in my opinion is pretty crappy when you have two fire turrets (which with a resist I'll target those last) on the long island it makes his shield of very little use. It's almost like I need to target the fire first so I can actually deploy the shield without it popping after a single hit.
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                  • Sabin76
                    Sabin76 commented
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                    I've definitely seen evidence that it does take resists into account. Amarok's shield would take an ugodly amount of arrow fire before popping, but one or two lightning bursts was enough.