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League Restructure is the laziest BS you have ever pulled PG

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  • League Restructure is the laziest BS you have ever pulled PG

    Really PG.. it took you months to figure out all you were going to do is rank everyone from top to bottom? Is it a joke, a glitch?

    Diamond 1-25 rank, Sapphire #1 26-50 rank, Sapphire #2 51-75 rank, Sapphire #3 76-100 rank.... Etc etc

    I mean seriously? So let's get this straight, the second highest 25 teams in the league.. likely large spenders are going to take a hit on event rewards etc compared to a ton of lower teams because you have the best bashing each other... It's a good way to have teams just crash their rank which I thought was exactly what you didnt want to do.

    How does it take 3 months to come up with just a basic top to bottom ranking system? How come you couldn't actually spend time on rewards etc.. good way to screw over a whole bunch of your big spending teams with teams like mine sitting at 60 overall but now in a league with 9 teams ahead of us in our league. Guess we get nerfed rewards this event.. I hope this is a joke pg

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    I cant even get into the game it just bombs out and reloads what did they do? Are there now wesker versions of Sapphire with less rewards?


    • wardragonslayne
      wardragonslayne commented
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      From what I can see, all rewards are the same... So a rank 100+ team can get more rewards than a rank 30 because of the rebalance, lol.. absolutely the bare minimum effort put forward by PG. There are many many weaker versions of sapphire with the same rewards as the top Sapphire league now... Sad day for developers everywhere when they see this lazy attempt.

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    Hey you can always come join my team in platinum lol if you like


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      it took them 3 months to remove their existing restructuring code and put a sorting algorithm based on rating. No wonder pg needs some serious coders. Will there be an update for egg token increase?
      So as far as i can see sapphire league 1 - team 15(higher rating) - gets less rewards than , league 2 -team1(lower rating).
      You guys really know how to make people quit.. kudos pg


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        I really hope that there are different event rewards for each of the leagues that scale accordingly for the difficulty of the league. If not i'm going to suggest that our team loses a single war and winds up down one league where we can do better reward wise.


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          With them making Red the spotlight of the month I assumed they were doing her really well presented and thought out proposal. What is described above sounds really poor and very dissapointing from a customer stand point


          • TheRedDelilah
            TheRedDelilah commented
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            PlayerJ - I'm done arguing with you. My mother would be ashamed with how much wasted energy I have already out forth when it comes to you.

            So enjoy your little bubble where you're always right and everyone else is always wrong.

          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
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            If your mother is going to be ashamed, It will be because of your attempts at trying to act like some sort of God.
            I read your proposal very closely.
            You said many times on there that you feel other teams don't deserve to have those egg tokens.

            How can you judge another person on what they should deserve to have?
            There is a difference between asking for more egg tokens for competitive teams
            Asking for lower teams to get less because you feel they don't "deserve" it.

            You are judging those lower teams.
            Only a God can judge another.

            Go ahead run away from the conversation.
            It is fine.
            The truth hurts.
            I will continue my discussion after the final product is released.

            This release from what Echo said is only the phase 1.
            We will see if those lower teams get less or not.
            If they do, It was your proposal & your judgement they listened too.

          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Buddy, there hasn't been a change up or down with any egg token values so they haven't really done anything just yet. Why don't we wait until they actually change the token distribution amounts based on what league you are in and then we can all have another big ol bitching session to hash out the actual amounts.

            What we are upset about is the fact that to date there hasn't been a change in egg token amounts. Yesterday we got 400 tokens, today we get 400 tokens. tomorrow we will probably get 400 as well until they actually make the change. So they have implemented a portion of Red's plan, not the entire things yet. It sounds like they are going to have to roll it out over several releases and we are eager for more information as to when the rest of the plan will be divulged.

            All we are asking for is a confirmation that they are actually going to change values (whatever it may be, more for everybody, less for everybody, everyone in silver league only gets 5 million a day, i don't care at this point in time) and when this change is going to take place.

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          EggToken PGJared Echo

          When do you plan to inform us as to your overall plan for the league restructure? As noted above, doing what you did and leaving rewards the same doesn't make sense. We could really use some of the transparency and better communication you are trying to achieve. I assume this is an interim step in a larger process but since you've said nothing about it, all we can do is guess. Please advise.


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            I can understand how your feeling bit off let down for you and thank you and my door is always open just knock 1st hahaha


            • alexKn
              alexKn commented
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              No offense, but There are other threads where you can post regarding recruiting

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            Ok forgive me I'm a newbie to the forums lol


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              You'd be safe to assume 26-50 gets a greater reward than 51-75.

              If if not I'll throw a few wars and drop out.

              No no one cares about global ranking.


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                Typical sapphire teams running away from competition. You're basically upset that now you have to war teams on your level rather than picking on the lower level scum in sapphire.


                • TheRedDelilah
                  TheRedDelilah commented
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                  No, it's the fact that most want to be rewarded for their effort.

                • TheBulldog
                  TheBulldog commented
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                  Red is dead on. Cracker you a little noob or what? Reward for wars hasn't existed in a very very long time.

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                Before people freak, remember that we wouldn't see token changes until reset. That's how it has always been for league promotions and such anyway. Give it 8 hours and let's see what the event rewards look like before we freak.

                Ill start collecting data from various leagues. If you'd like to contribute, send me a line message with your league info. If you don't have my Line ID, mail me in game.
                Love Red,

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                • Mechengg
                  Mechengg commented
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                  Ill send you info on my team Red!! Always happy to help

                • odie1993
                  odie1993 commented
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                  except Red, they said the league restructure would happen today around 2:30 pacific (which has passed) and it would not happen tonight as normal. Sapphire 1 league (I guess that is what you call it) teams 26-50 still showing 400 token payout for being in that league.

                • TheRedDelilah
                  TheRedDelilah commented
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                  When you change leagues, you have to wait for token refresh for the new payout. Let's wait until then and see

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                id just like to know what the heck is the plan...? all a sudden ina new league and almost every team has same number


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                  There is a major assumption being made here. That this is what they've said they're working on. All they said was that today they were moving the normal rebalancing to a different time. This could simply be step one of their total overhaul. They never remember what happened the last time when they get into the paste.
                  Last edited by Matcava; 05-24-2017, 05:38 AM.


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                    They literally said in the mail they were doing this to set up for future rebalancing, stop botching about it and just wait and see how it turns out. No wonder they don't listen to the forums anymore, all we do is complain about anything they do. Yea they should tell us what they are planning, yes the servers are total shit right now but just chill out for a bit and let's watch and see what they do.