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Strip down of the divines

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  • Strip down of the divines

    First there was Tarand, which was stolen the fine working double blast.
    Then the explosive shield improvement of sage did not work anymore.
    Now sages super rejuvenate spell is not healing at all, totally broken.
    Is this intentional to force us to go for the next divines instead?


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    Get used to it. ALways has problems with divine dragons


    • Brigitte25
      Brigitte25 commented
      Editing a comment
      Get used to a game being constantly glitched? PG must love players like you.

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    Heal and super rejuvenate are both apparantly not heal at all.

    On any dragon.

    Whether it's a dragon-specific spell or a stolen one (steal essence).

    And not just divines: ALL dragons are affected.


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      hey, but 3.0.2 balanced Rejuvenate so that "Runes and research that affect Rejuvenate spells now add more healing duration instead of reducing it. This means more additional healing from those runes over more time instead of the base amount of healing in shorter time." or does it?


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        No, it doesn't.