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Fix game before new dragons

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  • Fix game before new dragons

    we are in the heals of another new dragon release🙄. I cannot speak for the entire community but several have voiced that game bugs are getting out of control while new dragons are becoming a top priority to further push the bottom line of the game owners! I suggest spending more time curing these bugs before we release the new dragons to the marketplace before you loose more of your spenders and gamers(your paycheck)! Aester flips, super heal and steal essence healing is drastically reduced to the point of being useless and I'm sure many others are messed up that I have not found yet!

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    Wait... you DON'T like the aster barrel rolls?


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      I've answered this question a few times.. here's a cut & pate of what i've said in the past



      I've heard this request (“Don’t release any content and don’t add anything new until all the bugs I care about are gone”) come up every now and then for a long time. We definitely hear you and understand that the product needs to become more stable.

      The truth is, the population of war dragons is very diverse and wants very different things. Extreme solutions ("only do my priority in exclusion to everything else") really don't seem like the right solution if the goal is to keep many different types of people happy.

      I've personally been working on war dragons since 2012 and during that time I've closely studied churn (people quitting the game) over many different time periods. Yes, when we have time periods with lots of bugs, it makes churn worse and makes players unhappy. Believe it or not, churn also goes way up when there's no new content and there's no events (because the game gets boring).

      It sounds like the people writing in this thread aren't in the demographic I'm about to describe, but in my studies *the time periods where the highest number of people quit playing the game is when we have time periods where there's no new stuff to do and get bored*. For example, when we didn't release a new tier of dragons for 4 months, we experienced one of the highest periods of people quitting the game. During time periods where we only ran one event a month, or stopped adding new events -- the game stopped feeling dynamic and got stale --- and it was some of our highest periods of people quitting the game.

      I completely agree we need to focus on improving stability and bugs, but the answer can not be doing it in exclusion of everything else --- the population of war dragons players is very diverse and large portions of players "speak with their feet" and care deeply about getting new content and events on a regular basis.
      One unfortunate fact: Even if we completely focus on "fixing bugs", this action can easily result in new bugs. A product like war dragons requires a codebase that is extremely large and complex. In the last month, almost all the recent regressions have been because we were trying to "fix frozen tomb spell". Lots of players have been asking for this spell to be improved and we tried to tweak it even though we knew it was a dangerous thing to touch. Unfortunately, the battle code is so interrelated that this "fix" caused cascading set of problems, breaking shields and other issues.

      I don't actually know of any recent major problematic bugs caused by "Content" --- it's a totally separate team of people adding art to the game. There's almost never any code changes required for adding content, so it's very infrequent that it creates a meaningful bug. Almost always, the biggest bug caused by content changes is that something looks weird (e.g., black stairs), which doesn't really "break the game" in the way code changes do.


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        "During time periods where we only ran one event a month, or stopped adding new events"

        Uhhhh when was the last time we got a new event? Think you guys stopped doing that a year ago and you just said it gets stale when that happens and you're right.... so when are we getting a new event?

        Personally Idc if you guys add more dragons, just fix the egg token economy because as of right now it takes over a month to get a new drag, but when the only new content is dragons that 99% of the population can't get the game is still going to be stale.

      • gaza8143
        gaza8143 commented
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        CampusLifer - the number one player request when we were allowed to make them was to fix bugs.

        The OP makes a valid point and speaks for the majority of players.

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        The key statement here "I've answered this question a few times"

        Surely that in and of itself is an indication that somethings not right. We might not be the demographic you refer to above, but we are a demographic of our own. You must have data which pertains to the pests on the forum asking for a game which works.

        If you put out a questionaire and got answers from each demographic do you really believe, 'We want more shiny stuff' would win above 'We want a stable game'

        We all want more shiny stuff, made available in a timely fashion, but we also believe its more important to fix bugs so that when the new shiny stuff arrives it's safe to play with it. Many of us even understand that the coding for the game must be like finding a path in an overgrown jungle, and that it's easier to add new shiny stuff than it is to untangle the mess so of course that's what you do.

        I'm also sure there are people working on fixing the code, but I also wonder how often those people are pulled away from that task because there's 'a more important' job for them to do. Therefore some issues have never been looked at and will never be fixed.

        I think a good example here is the farms, research and protection boosts. This is integral to the game from the players perspective but it looks as though no-one is working to fix it because we still have people saying it is broken. Yet, when something breaks and is working in the players favour it is fixed within hours.

        Can you see how one-sided your approach looks?
        New shiny stuff = more income therefore gets processed quickly
        Something broken in favour of player base = lost revenue therefore gets fixed quickly.
        Fixing old code = increased wages therefore gets done when people have a bit of spare time
        Something broken in PG's favour = more income therefore gets fixed when someone has the time

        That may be a small exaggeration on current practice, but it certainly appears to be how things work from our perspective.

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      Hi. I'm not saying we shouldn't prioritize fixing bugs. We should; and we do.

      I'm saying "you should only do X in exclusion of everything else" is not a realistic plan.


      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        You can't build a house of cards higher when the lower layers are broken.

        That's exactly what we see you doing with WD.

        You keep adding to an already broken codebase.

        Step back from the fact that you work there.
        Would you be happy spending money on an item which you knew was broken?
        Would you support a company which continuously appears to be chasing the dollar rather than efficiently sorting through their issues?

        Time and time again players in the forum are saying we've had enough, slow down, but you charge ahead and add more content.
        It's very clear on many occasions that PG does not appear to have the games best interest at heart from where we sit.

      • odie1993
        odie1993 commented
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        PG should stop wasting time on the boats that the near unanimous player base does not want and use those people to fix bugs or create some new events. PG needs to get off their damn road map so they do not destroy this game. The amount of resources being poured into something the player base does not want is mind blowing.

        oh and "doing X in exlusion of everything else" is exactly what you are doing with the damn boats.
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      • TomTom
        TomTom commented
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        And beside your extremely slow working on the bugs (Tarands double explosive shield is broken since 12 weeks now!!!) you can at least comment the related posts here at the forum regarding these topics instead of ignoring them for months now!

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      How is worldmap "doing X in exclusion to everything else"? A very small portion of our R&D team works on the worldmap. The majority of the war dragons development resources go into fixing spells, improving performance, events, towers, android performance, crash reduction, and one-off projects like "league restructuring".

      The War Dragons R&D team continues to dedicate a huge team (and portion of our overall team) to spells, bugfixes, and bugfixes to spells.

      Pretty much every update in the last 3 months has had "bugfixes to spells" as one of the major line items.
      • v3.21 release notes
        • Fixed an issue in which players would disconnect when using free target spells
        • Fixed various spell bugs that were found in Version 3.20
      • v3.20 release notes
        • Changes to game engine that should make spells with visual effects better align with their durations (ex: Lockdown).
        • Fixed an issue where the visual effect for Noxious Vines would persist past its intended duration.
        • Fixed an issue where damage for certain spells like Galvanic Overload would be capped at 1 million damage.
        • Adjusted spell description for Galvanic Overload to be consistent in different locations.
        • Added missing spell icons to floating battle text.
        • Fixed floating battle text to appropriately distinguish between the spells Invert and Reverse Projectiles.
        • Fixed an issue where “Spell Blocked” would appear too many times when Southern Cross was cast on a Red Mage Tower.
        • Fixed an issue where Healing Mark runes were healing much less than expected.
        • Buff spells will now show the visual effect of the most recently cast spell. Duration of existing buffs are unchanged.
        • Runes and research that affect Rejuvenate spells now add to the healing duration instead of reducing it. This means additional healing from those runes over more time instead of the base amount of healing in shorter time.
        • Windwall now also blocks Fire Turret basic attacks.
        • Fixed an exploit where Chain Lightning did not break Cloak when queued or cast.
        • Damage-over-time spells are now separated by type i.e. poison, burn, etc.
        • In preparation for the introduction of new Mythic Emerald tier dragons, Dark Flak damage is now classified as “Elemental” damage and not a projectile. This means Invert and Reverse Projectiles will not work against Flak Towers and Crystalline Shield will reduce their damage by 50% per attack.
        • Dark Flak Towers now grant Lockdown from Steal Essence.
      • v3.20 release notes
        • Multiple spell fixes. Please visit the post HERE for specific details about which spells were affected and investigated.
      • v3.00 release notes
        • Restricted certain spell/consumable combinations to prevent unintended spell behavior. (For example: Invincibility Shield and Steal Essence’s stolen Storm Tower shield cannot be used together.)
        • Fixed an issue that would cause buildings to regain lost health when Desiccating Sandstorm was cast during Timeshift.
        • Fixed a graphical issue with Timeshift where the clock animation would not appear.
        • Fixed an issue where Invincibility would be recast when using Sacrifice.
        • Fixed an issue with Rising Phoenix that would sometimes cause the dragon to become invisible on-screen.
        • Fixed an issue with Ice Shock where the freeze effect would immediately expire.
        • Fixed a hitbox issue where area spells like Fireball and Freeze would sometimes not deal damage when cast.
        • Fixed an issue with Frozen Tomb where additional casts of the spell would incorrectly “unfreeze” towers first instead of refreshing the duration.
        • Fixed an issue with Crumble to Dust where the second activation would sometimes (rarely) fail.
        • Fixed an issue where Freeze would be unaffected by Red Mage Towers.
        • Fixed issues with Lockdown where sometimes the net animation would not appear, or the tower affected would seemingly not be disabled.
        • Shadow Healing from research has been increased to 5% healing done.
        • Fixed a rare issue where dragons’ attacks would be disabled after the Havoc spell expired.
        • Fixed an issue with Northern Lights where the shield and healing mark animations would not appear when using the spell.
        • Fixed a visual bug with Invincibility shields persisting through the use of Steal Essence.
        • Fixed unintended behavior with Crystalline Shield.
        • Fixed an issue where Lockdown consumables would prevent Warrior dragons from being able to attack.
        • The rewind effect of Timeshift can only be used twice, but the cloak effect can be used more than that.
        • Crystalline shield does not guard against debuffs (i.e. Trebuchet Supershot stun), only damage.
        • Nocturnal Fissure only regenerates health when Empowered. When not empowered, it will destroy projectiles for 4 seconds. Updated spell tooltip.
      • v2.91 release notes
        • Fixed a freezing issue with casting Chain Lightning while the dragon is turning along its flight path.
        • Fixed an issue where the graphic for Invincibility Shield would persist too long on dragons that have used Steal Essence on a Storm Tower.
      • v2.80 release notes
        • Fixed a graphical issue with the Battlecry spell causing some dragons to burst into flames.
        • Fixed a graphical issue where the Evasion spell would fail to display when cast.
        • Fixed an issue with Crystalline Shield where after multiple uses in the same attack the dragon would unintentionally take increased damage.

      For sure there's more to do, and sometimes we introduce new problems when we try to fix things. but for sure it's incorrect to say that we're not putting any energy or resources into improving the codebase of our spells & towers.