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Flak-cannon supershot range bug

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  • Flak-cannon supershot range bug

    My cloak hunters often been super-shotted by flak cannon even I already cloak pass it.
    Not sure whether I am the only one met this problem. But seems to me that Flak-cannon can fire supershot to dragons on the whole map after the dragon passed the tower.

    How to trigger it:
    (1) Flak-cannon is charged with supershot before the dragon fall into its range.
    (2) Dragon cloak pass the flak-cannon before fall into its range.
    Then flak-cannon can supershot and stun the dragon when the dragon re-appear. Even the dragon already reach the next island.

    PGJared I don't think the tower should work that way, if it is a problem to all players, please fix it~ Great thanks

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    Oh sweet! I guess I didn't waste my wood and shards building one of those after all!


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      I have seen lightning towers super shot backwards 2 islands before when following a teammate. I just chalked it up to another bug that PG has no intention on fixing but they will update and create new bugs.