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Tarand double Explosion not working

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    Make your letters larger and in bright red, it's hard to ignore that, unless of course PG decided to block everyone that's in this thread. 😳


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      good idea Skittles
      ​​​​​​​CampusLifer Echo

      I know you'll aren't working on this but can you ask whoever is to reply on this thread please?


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        PGJared replied here:
        So, right now runes only work on the spells that exactly match them. The white version of explosive shield doesn't have a corresponding rune. We are considering a few options here, but I think in the near-term we are most likely going to remove the runes from any dragon that has the white explosive shield so players have the option to put them on other dragons.
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          Is any of the issues addressed with the new update?
          I wonder how do you determine the priorities for the fixes, obviously you can see, that this topic is frustrating MANY players. And you fix the cool down of ice shield...


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            Originally posted by ITIL View Post
            PGJared replied here:

            Yeah. But the white version DOES have a corresponding rune. It's every rune that affects explosive shield. Because it is an explosive shield. What nonsense is this?

            You're intentionally screwing tarand and sage? Dragons people spent hundreds or thousands of dollars pursuing. Are you insane?


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              Obviously they are. There is Apophet with TWO spells broken, Jul with a broken spell, Tarand with a broken spell, Frost and Snowdrop with a broken spell and the list goes on. And this is in a game where dragons ARE the game. How insane is that...

              Imagine Zynga's poker not displaying their card value and Zynga getting away with it. Lol

              PG is a prime example of what a company should never do or become. Disgusting!


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                Is this the official solution, to remove the shield runes from Sage and Tarand by the support who will put them into the inventory again?
                If this is the case, i would also like to get the runedust back which I used massively to upgrade all these runes to the max.
                This is because if those runes only working with blue explosive shields they are pretty useless for me as I am on sapphire level with my dragons.
                Any suggestions fromEggTokenPGJared ? ,


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                  EggToken PGJared ?


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                    Getting back the runes and stardust isn't enough, what about the $99 I spent to get enough sigils to get evo stones for sage who is worth less because the runes that CLEARLY should apply to him do not apply? I guess that's the easy part-- everyone can just go to Apple and demand refunds for all the money we've spent in the past 3 months. They'll give it back. Maybe then PG will care? Leaving 1 star reviews in the App Store might help as well.

                    This is SO stupid. I really hate when a developer has a great game and destroys it by making such stupid decisions as this specific one. There is no universe in which it makes sense for an explosive shield rune to not effect an explosive rune spell. And to expect people to go read the forums to be alerted to a problem before pursuing a dragon or equipping and max'ing mythic runes (like I did with sage and tarand) is absurd. I watched exactly this same kind of thing ruin an equally great game, was in the top grossing apps on the App Store just like this one. Within a few months it was completely abandoned and dead. I don't want to see that happen here. I LIKE THIS GAME. It's just the support is AWFUL. I had so many issues with lack of support months ago that I quit spending entirely. Last season I thought, hey, I haven't had any problems in a while. I like sage. And why not support PG with some money? Win win. WRONG.

                    go to Apple and get your money back. This is BS


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                      There are XP bases that Nightshade, Aster, Tengu and even Kelvin can get through that Sage and Tarand get decimated on. But you guys decide to weaken them almost to the point of worthlessness. When Nightshade dominated this game for so long you guys looked as though you were going to spread some of the strength around to get people to start playing with something other than hunters. Sorcerer dragons have improved. But then you guys take two of the best warriors in the game and make them not worthy of the roster. What really pisses me off is that we got badass legendary and mythic runes and glyphs that we were counting on having on Garnet and Emerald dragons and you wonder why people are upset that you are telling them that we have to put them on a weak Platinum dragon that we'll never use???


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                        Nice job PG! LOL, guess you can't ignore this anymore.


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                          Too many duplicate threads.
                          From earlier - 55.1

                          A couple older ones:
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                            ITIL which is the proper thread for current comments. Your first link or this one? I don't want to add to the chaos...

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                            AzureCathid Not up to me to decide - burn them all \o/

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                          I also have fully upgraded mythic and legendary double blast and explosive shield runes on Sage and Tarand. These as I understand it no longer affect their white explosive shield.

                          Have pg suggested what we should do in this situation? Should we raise support calls asking for them to be removed to our inventory or are we waiting on a fix / announcement?



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                            Original Post Here

                            We are in the process of developing a new rune for Sage / Tarand's white spell. Once this new rune is complete we will give it to everyone who has Sage or Tarand.


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