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Tarand double Explosion not working

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  • Tarand double Explosion not working

    I would like to know if anyone else has noticed that the double explosive shield on Tarand is not functional anymore. I have all those double explosion runes on him so that the chance for it is 25% and before that worked correctly but now I don't get any double explosion anymore.


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    Same for me, not seen a double blast since update


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      Me either


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        I'm also not seeing double explosions, and I believe I have a little over a 25% chance. If Tarand makes it through a full base (longest possible), I usually cast ES once per island (7 or 8 times), so I should be seeing a double explosion once or twice at least. However, I haven't seen it happen at all since the update.


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          Since the rune compensation/switch over, I haven't seen it at all either and also have over 25%.
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            I also have a very high double blast, mythic and legendary runes. No double blasts. It really weakens Tarand.


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              What does the double blast look/sound like. I sometimes will get a single very loud blast and thought that was it.


              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                It looks just as it sounds, there are two explosions that come out of the dragon instead of 1. They are maybe 1/4 second apart

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              Yes this has been broken since the "update" that also messed up nightshades "reverse/invert". They have fixed nightshade, but not Tarand. Perhaps because the change for nightshade was immediately noticeable while the Double-explosion of the shield only happened 1/4 of the time if you maxed runes. Mine used to fire 25% of the time, but hasn't had a double blast since the 'upgrade' despite flying him a ton. EggToken PGJared -- what say you?


              • shubham
                shubham commented
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                I reckon that i also havent seen any double explosion on tarand, he being my primary dragon.

              • Brigitte25
                Brigitte25 commented
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                Are invert and reverse different spells with separate runes? Another tow that sound like they are the same.

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              Tarand is one of my favorite dragons. I'll check into this. Thanks for the heads up! (51951)
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                I put one of the double explosion runes from the Winter Season on Sage. Since it doesn't say it's Tarand specific, it should work on Sage as well, right?


                • Mechengg
                  Mechengg commented
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                  Yes, any dragon with the explosive shield spell

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                Just some more insight on this: It's likely due to Explosive Shield (Blue) being a different spell internally from Explosive Shield (White) on Tarand. We can probably expect actions similar to those with the rune issues for Chaos/Havoc etc.


                • InvictusII
                  InvictusII commented
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                  So EggToken, are you confirming that the double explosion is not working properly on Tarand? If so, what are the plans to rectify this situation? Like many of the others I had equipped mystic and legendary runes on Tarand for exactly the purpose of strengthening these explosions. The loss of these double explosions has impacted his performance.

                • Dixwell
                  Dixwell commented
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                  Don't forget Sage while you're at it. White ES there too. Please fix both dragons.

                • MrJonesy
                  MrJonesy commented
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                  It must only affect the White Explosive Shield, it is working fine on other dragons that I have equipped a Double Blast rune to.

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                I am confused, there are two explosive shield spells, a white and blue? And which one works with the runes, some of which say explosive shield and some say double blast? Which rune goes with which spell? I have equipped dragons with legendary and mythic explosive shield or double blast runes. I thought the OP was saying the spell isn't working, not the rune. Please clarify.
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                • ITIL
                  ITIL commented
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                  Double explosion refers to the double blast rune. As the double blast rune doesn't work on white Explosive Shields, I'd have to assume that the "Increase Explosive Shield" rune also doesn't work on white Explosive Shields. From MrJonesy's post, Double Blast works on the original blue Explosive Shields.
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                REQUEST: Someday, when PG starts to organize the runes in some way, please include a description as to which spell(s) or dragon they go with. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes the wording has been changed just enough we have to guess. And there is no way to know if a rune is really working.

                You are saying the double blast (explosion) rune works only on blue explosive shield spells?
                Which rune works on the white explosive shield spell? Does it only work on that one?

                This is pretty annoying since I was told the two runes worked on either spell. I have put a lot of rune dust into exploding runes, mythic and legendary leveled all the way up, assuming that like some other runes, these very similar ones would go with either spell.

                So do I have to salvage those? I don't think so. Because I get the feeling no one really knows which runes work with which spells. Maybe ask the developers.

                Why make such similar spells with only a color difference, and such similar runes which sound interchangeable? In general, the runes need to be cleaned up. Thank you in advance.


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                  EggToken Both are called explosive shield, it's irrational for the double explosive blast runes to only work with dragons with the white version versus the blue version. If that's the way PG wants to do it, then there needs to be a change in the names of this spell because of the spell's color.


                  • War fan
                    War fan commented
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                    Reminds me of the invert-reverse projectile debacle.

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                  Oh great, more Rune Gift Packs incoming

                  Oh and even more different runes to dilute silver chests of cause. I'll soon have a better chance playing Lotto than opening silver chests and getting runes I can use.
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                  • EggToken
                    EggToken commented
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                    Yes, although we're gradually phasing out some common runes and runes that have very little impact on gameplay. This should help to less-dilute the chest contents.

                  • MareZ
                    MareZ commented
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                    Sounds good, any insight which runes have little impact?
                    There is tons of player feedback on the forums but I'd be willing to make a list if needed to include the most sought after, the useful, the less useful, the completely worthless and the broken runes.