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3.0 Spell Fixes Feedback and Bugs

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    In-game message Wind Wall indicates an interaction with the lightning tower supershot. It was mentioned back in 2015 when the spell was changed from "Hurricane" that it actually does nothing. If it does nothing, the message needs to go. If it does something, that should probably be clarified somewhere in the spell description.


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      ​​​​​​​last time I used wind wall on hugin, and if the lighting tower uses a super shot while you have wind wall on, the lighting towers dmg is further multiplied.. haven't tested this in a few months so dont know they have changed it since then


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        Hello, is ice shock supposed to be stupid? That kinda goes for a few of the new spells. Such as, we get these newer stronger drags, but as the drags get stronger the spells get weaker? Doesn't make sense to me. I have more and more firepower flying at me all the time and my stronger dragons have spells with less duration/strength than the old ones. Such as, invert shorter than reverse, ice shock only freezes two or three towers for a second while freeze shuts down the whole island for a while. Why don't the old spells get reduced instead of the new ones. either that or why don't the old spells get put on the new dragons and the old dragons can have the new weak crap? I'm not posting numbers because folks have already throughout the forums.


        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          It's meant to be like this.
          IceShock for example costs zero rage and is a white spell which can't be blocked by mage towers. It is one of the best skills currently in game and would be way too overpowered if it had the same radius and duration as Freeze.

        • Mr.Smy Lee
          Mr.Smy Lee commented
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          Yeah, I actually just realized that today. Fae went from shit to pure awesome without even leveling when I figured it out.

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        Running into issues with both spells on Quetz, or i'm just new to them/haven't used them in a while and don't know how they work properly:

        - Seething Spark doesn't stun towers most of the time, only shows the animation. Additionally, any tower that "initiates" its firing sequence before being hit still fires off that shot. This is most prevalent on Fire turrets due to their slow speed but heavy hitting. You need to be within range in order to use seething spark, and they still are able to fire a shot off.

        - Wind wall isn't stopping projectiles from hitting my dragon. Whether it be shots from the fire turret or cannon shots i'm still being heavily damaged when i use this spell every single time.


        • Gary2975
          Gary2975 commented
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          Are you experiencing the issue with anything but fire turrets? Because for me seething spark stops towers from firing.
          The exception is fire turrets which have started charging. The stun doesnt stop them firing and never has. Youve always had to hit the fire turret before it starts charging to stop the cast.

        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          That makes an interesting trend:
          1) Stating that the Fire Turret works correctly although the whole player base feels it doesn't
          2) Giving top tier dragons no ReverseProjectiles/Invert but giving them Seething Spark/Wind Wall which doesn't dodge Fire Turrets
          3) Blame the wrong tooltips.
          4) State wrong info about projectiles in the air not dodgeable at all.

          Success at communication (sarcasm).

          Or maybe let's start again and think about how it can be improved on PG's side (code wise / communication wise).

        • War fan
          War fan commented
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          If the fire turret is in the front of an island as you turn into it, you can NOT stun it quick enough to prevent it from firing.

          Also, the fire turret is STILL in the process of building up before it fires when you DO stun it, and yet it still manages to fire off its fireball well AFTER it is stunned.

          Stunning should stop ALL processes from completing, but it doesn't in this case.

          Also, as you know, it is impossible to stun an island until you actually finish turning, even if you can see the entire island.

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        EggToken There is a bug with (at least) white explosive shield at sapphire evolve level on tarand. It might be there earlier, but after he does sapphire evolve he suddenly feels a lot weaker than before, even though all his stats seem better.

        I've narrowed this down in testing, and what I can find is the following:

        Tarand level 35 : Health 7.57mil (boosted), 6.04 mil (unboosted)
        White explosive shield - (a) should absorb around 40% of dragon HP from all I can read
        - (b) even if its 20% the math still doesn't work

        Shield should thus absorb one of the following:
        (a1) 40% of 7.57mil = 3,028mil dmg
        (a2) 40% of 6.04mil = 2,416mil dmg
        (b1) 20% of 7.57mil = 1,5mil dmg
        (b2) 20% of 6.04mil = 1,208mil dmg

        I've tested it and a single shotvolley from a level 45 ice turret destroys it every time

        As far as I can tell the Ice turret at lvl 45 shouldn't be doing enough damage even remotely to kill the shield in a single shot?



        • War fan
          War fan commented
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          Amoeba's website lists ice turret damage as 535k (regular) and 499k (special).

          So a one-shot shouldn't do it.

        • defpolak
          defpolak commented
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          I can't confirm the math, but I just upgraded Tarand to sapphire last night and tried helping a teammate run a high level xp base and his shield was popping exactly as described, about a 1/2 second after casting. I figured he would be able to last a little longer but chalked it up to being too difficult a base for him. Wish I would have read this yesterday as I could have tried running it prior to his evolve to see if that made a difference.

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        One more problem I have with Tarand is that the double explosion is not working anymore. He has runes which increased the possibility for a double explosion to 25% but I could not see any in hundreds of flights after the update.



        • TomTom
          TomTom commented
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          LOL, ingame support has just recommended to restart the game to fix this.

        • runner08
          runner08 commented
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          correct, double explosive runes don't work since update

        • EggToken
          EggToken commented
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          The Double Blast rune issue has been reported.

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        Fireball damage (I don't know if it's just steal essence or the real deal as well) is capped at 1m damage, no matter what dragon you use (rizar and above are affected, cons did ~820k, so it would even affect him if boosted). This is separate from the fizzle issue where it does the damage of one shot instead of normal spell damage.


        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          In this thread EggToken mentioned a "few other spells" besides Galvanic Overload that are affected by the wrong damage cap, I guess Fireball is one of them.
          Originally posted by EggToken View Post
          Yep, we're fully aware of it and there's already a fix on the way in the next update for GO and a few other spells that are wrongly affected by this damage cap.

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        PGJared another bug: Healing Mark often only heals 50% of what it's supposed to heal when it's used the first time in a run.

        The pictures were taken in the same run so there is no difference in boosted or unboosted HP.

        1) HP was lost.
        2) Healing Mark was used on a monument, no other damage was received during the skill (Screenshot 1)
        3) HP was lost again until the blue bar was gone and only the green health bar was left.
        4) Healing Mark was used on a monument, no other damage was received during the skill (Screenshot 2)

        First time use in the test run (39% destruction):

        Second use in the same run (49% destruction):

        MareZ ~ lvl15X ~ Sapphire Mythic Dragons

        Important Threads to find everything you need


        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          Crystalline Shield was not used during Healing Mark as I wanted to be damaged to be able to heal.

        • Mechengg
          Mechengg commented
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          Makes sense lol. So maybe it's not crystalline shield that is causing the problem in the first place....maybe it is your underlying issue and we just notice it when using the shield?

          Maybe this can help the developers narrow down the search for the root cause

        • Sabin76
          Sabin76 commented
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          I've noticed this as well, but thought I might be seeing things. I'm not so sure it's restricted to snowdrop, though. I'll test it on necura/nosfer (can't remember which one is which off the top of my head) tonight.

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        Aster's cloak isn't working. I will activate cloak but no cloaking of dragon...anyone else having this issue? I tested it on a base with zero mages....not working.


        • Dakhunter
          Dakhunter commented
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          sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. My aster while cloak is on still gets shot by other towers