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USA T-Mobile Users with "Attacker lost connection" Issues

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  • USA T-Mobile Users with "Attacker lost connection" Issues

    (not a bug report but something people can try)

    Hey, so, I don't know if this is really the cause or not, but T-Mobile somewhat recently updated their T-Mobile app, which runs in the background and can't be uninstalled/permanently disabled. After updating, I noticed that I kept getting "Attacker lost connection" errors, regardless of whether I was the lead or teammate dragon, when I pretty much never would before. I took a guess and decided to force stop the T-Mobile app, and I haven't had problems for the past two weeks, as long as I do it every time my phone restarts from power off.
    1. Power off your phone and start it up
    2. Go to the task manager/app switcher to make sure that neither the T-Mobile nor War Dragons apps are running (close them if so)
    3. This various by phone but pretty much go to the section that shows you running background apps and force stop the T-Mobile app; it wouldn't hurt to go through and disable apps that you installed yourself that you don't care about.
      • LG G5: Settings > Application Manager > T-Mobile > Force Stop
    4. Start up War Dragons and good luck!
      • If your base ever doesn't look normal, missing towers and such, I'd suggest waiting until everything loads.
      • Don't move too quickly for the game either, or you'll outpace it and crash... treat it as if you were trying to teach someone who doesn't know how to use a smartphone how to play.
      • I still crash/freeze at other times anyway but slightly less often.
    5. When you're done with the game, if you're on android, hit the back button (swipe from the right, if needed) until it asks if you want to exit, and tap Okay. Close out of it from the task switcher.

    Note that I disable the majority of background processes and only have two other lightweight apps in the background when I start War Dragons. I also primarily only play on a stable wireless connection with 30 Mbps down and have tweaked router settings to prioritize my connections .
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