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100,000,000 MEDAL Shout Out?

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  • 100,000,000 MEDAL Shout Out?

    We have a member soon to hit the 100,000,000 Medal mark soon.... (97.3M atm)... be kinda cool to see PG throw a pack or something special out to them, or at least a shout out.. Players hitting this mark have a love of the game that should be recognized. I'll let ya'll do the math but that is a ton of game time dedication!!

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    Kudos to your player.

    You know what would be better than that?

    If the medal count was accurate. It has been messed up for many many months. There's a good chance your player's medal count is way past that mark or no where near it. Who knows. Lol. The medal count isn't accurate.

    I will say hes more likely to get a single bronze chest and a shout out on twitch than a pack though.


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      Many players hit that mark already, what makes you think that your player should receive special treatment?


      • RumbleDrake
        RumbleDrake commented
        Editing a comment the second sentence....Any player throwing this much time in WD, is, as a game designer, a compliment to them...understand Oldmandragon and TheBulldog those factors are def a consideration. Anyway, i still see it as a feat for any gamer on WD. Thanks for the comments.

      • Shenanigans
        Shenanigans commented
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        RumbleDrake I did read the entire post.... players with the most medals are recognized on the "Top Players" leader board. If they gave out awards for achieving medal counts, you would have players hitting level 50s all day for easy medals.

      • EggToken
        EggToken commented
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        No need to be a buzzkill. It's a great accomplishment!

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      Was also likely an xp base back when they gave killer medal counts way back when. Lots of them floating about.


      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        KingLooseX1 still had 145m medals on the global all time leaderboard 😂