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    Yes, I am currently unable to load my game on either of my Android devices, sits on loading screen and eventually says Timeout Screenshot_2017-02-17-15-47-44-960x540.png Connection Error please retry.
    It's not my wifi as I tried 4G too.
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      I've been getting slowdown in attacks, usually when I shoot a boat (the ones that drop 1 and 3 min timers). The game stops for a second, but it eventually gets going again.


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        Is the "Connection Timed Out" message showing up for everyone else who is experiencing crashes? Also, do you get kicked to the home screen when this happens? We're trying to narrow down a cause.


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          EggToken, no, the game just crashes, no warning nothing, last maybe 2 seconds, and just crash over and over. it will freeze for a second and just crash

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        In my case, once I'm allowed into the game (Android / Huawei P9) I actually have very few issues, an occasional 'you have no connection' when trying to load attack screen, the amusing part being that the chat works just fine, it's the attack part only.

        But getting into the game has been getting more and more difficult over the past week, despite resetting my router, trying mobile data, trying other wifi elsewhere, reinstalling the game, rebooting phone.

        Am in the UK in case location plays any part in this.


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          Ive been trying for 2 hours to loads and the game starts for a few seconds, then freezes and boots me to home screen....50 times at least now.
          I can't even reach out to support through game cause it won't stay loaded long enuf