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Make event dragon less powerfull

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  • Make event dragon less powerfull

    People will not be happy with this but come one those event drags are so powerfull and easy to get that every nitwit can have them and you see people are almost only playing with event dragons. 90% of the attacks i get on me are with event dragons. I dont blame the players bcz its easy to kill with them.... but i think the focus should be on the "normal" dragons and not on the event dragons. Yes i understand its all about the money.....but it will make the game better

    happy new year all

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    I understand your point and yes the Fall Season dragons are overpowered. I can't comment on this season yet as I haven't spent my winter sigils yet, but Nightshade and Skarr are ridiculously powerful (Ebon less so but still strong).

    The problem I found with them is they eclipsed normal legendary dragons of the tier they were in at the time very quickly and could work their way from the bottom part of their tier to the top in a few levels, where there is a lot more work involved to get a normal dragon from the bottom part of their tier to the top (1-30)? By level 15, they are better than any gold legendary dragon at Expert.

    I think PG made a grave mistake in allowing players to obtain more than one of the season dragons (from the same season. Giving players choice was a great idea, but by allowing players to obtain more than one divine dragon in the same season plus making those drags overpowered, the result is that players will quickly reach a point where their whole roster is divine dragons and they won't bother with normals except to meet the minimum breeding requirements to progress their divines.

    The fall season would have been better if they had balanced it more and also limited players to one dragon (still from a choice of 3...and perhaps with some option to change their path). Even though I myself achieved the Sapphire Nightshade and Skarr stones, plus the platinum Ebon, I still think it was a mistake for PG to allow that.


    • Dusk
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      The reason there were three divines instead of one (two if you include Phasmos) was because the season stretched over 3 months. Before the fall season they were releasing a new divine every month (possibly two, if it was meant to breed another divine) and people complained that they were releasing divines too quickly. Now they release 2 at the start of the season and two one month into it, leaving like that for 3 months total. Same rate, roughly, just a different and more balanced execution. As it was people would take a month off and save in hopes the next month's divine was more to their liking, this process removes that completely.

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    normal dragons should still be the primary focus of players and their primary source for carrying out attacks. This is no longer the case. Divine dragons are almost always used on the tough bases now, or even when raiding for resources.

    Divine dragons should be a bonus, not a must have. Right now, MOT owning a divine (with a strong evo stone) puts players at a significant disadvantage in effectiveness compared to other players of their level.
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      The issue with event dragons is their rate of improvement and their caps, not their total power at the end of the day. Level 1-15 for Nighshade yields the same power as going Level 1-30 for Whale. For a level 91, 15 is the cap for Nightshade and you can also expert Whale at this level. So for this level, the power is EXACTLY the same. Attached are screenshots of a level 15 nightshade and level 30 Whale from my accounts (nightshade from one, Whale from another as my lower account's Whale is still in the 20s).

      In theory, what PG has done is cap the Season Dragons where you could technically have your most powerful dragons capped as well. This is exceptionally fair in theory. The issue comes in two parts. First, most people are quite behind in their dragons, quite. I see it every single day. Secondly, the Season Dragons reach this cap in far fewer levels than the traditionally bred dragons.

      I do not think the solution is to reduce the power for any Season Dragon, but rather increase the total levels. I cannot speak for how leveling of them goes at the higher levels (level 15 nightshade on my alt has been capped for a long long time, I didn't bother leveling Skarr on my larger account - long story), but perhaps if the Season Dragons had say 45 levels to reach the same place, the progression of growth could be slowed down on the lower end. Current level 15 Nigthshade for instance could have been more balance if say the power was the exact same but I was forced to level him to 25 for the same results. This would slow down the progression at the lower levels to make it more in line with what the traditional dragons are.

      Long story short, the power is fine. The ease of leveling is the issue.
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      • Spooky
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        I believe Mizku is saying Skarr and NS can reach full expert power at 84 while Whale (for example) can't until 91.

        That's true but it's also a pacing issue, in that I had both fall seasonal dragons at gold legendary expert power in a day after hitting 84 while six weeks later Whale (my highest level breeding path gold legendary) needs another ~12M XP to expert and I've been flying it at least 3X every day since hatching it at 70.

        In any event, it's largely a moot point since the winter divines have been level/den capped much more aggressively.

      • PodunkPrincess
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        No worried about Mizku. I am a lvl 49, have all 3 fall divines, don't use Skarr hardly at all (lvl 4), nightshade is eh at lvl 5 and Ebon is my choice at I believe lvl 7. I also have both winter divines and sigils to get the hunter. And... Will start breeding gold dragons this event... So I guess even though I got most of the divines, I am still way ahead for the "norm" in Mizkus opinion.

      • Mizku
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        Yes spooky is right, i meant you get expert golds at 84 with the fall divines. and im lvl 70 and will get khrysos and cons this breeding event. Following ur breeding path red.
        I dont have a problem with people having them the fall divines i mean. good for them, i have one to. But all im saying is at some points they are just to powerful.

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      Red you're right and if you look st the levels of this season they have totally corrected this issue. A lot harder to level this season drags than previous.

      Case closed.


      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        As far as I can see from Amoeba's website this is true as far as the amount of levels and XP is concerned but it looks like they are much cheaper to feed now. At lvl120 Tarand needs 155k food less than Nightshade at the same level. But I also just realized that they got a huge power nerf, but I couldn't test it ingame yet.

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      Here are the total numbers guys:

      FALL SEASON (expert at Sapphire level)
      58M XP to expert Nightshade (through Sapphire)
      9.6M food to expert


      69M XP to expert Sekhem (19% more XP than event dragon)
      13M food to expert Sekhem (35% more food than event dragon)

      At expert they have the same power levels.


      WINTER SEASON (expert at Garnet level)
      103M XP and 14M food (at level 45) to expert a Winter Season dragon
      113M XP and 38M food to expert Jul (~10% more XP than event dragon, 170% more food than event dragon)

      When both are maxed, they also have exactly the same power.

      So altogether they're pretty close at this point to get to the end of the tier, though the food requirements are massively more for 'real' dragons. They've also closed the gap on total XP for an event dragon versus a traditional dragon, but event dragons are still a bit easier to level.
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      • MareZ
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        Thanks for the detailed comparison!

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      Last season is op. This one is balanced. Getting wrecked by level 85 is embarrassing. When I was 85, lefel 100 was potentially max lefel to wipe
      Commend my persistence ^.^


      • MareZ
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        "This one is balanced". Do you even read what others post before you? Normal Dragons need 10% more XP and 170% more food plus we have a food crisis. Wake up.

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      a few, OP was what I elaborated on. Where's the emoji for the leash grandad ?
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