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"Airplane mode" war glitch

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  • "Airplane mode" war glitch

    I'm SICK of people hitting my base with this crap. We've had 6-8 people try to defend our top team bases. We CANNOT DEFEND. We get a network error and the opposing team gets free run with no defenders. I know this has been reported multiple times. I want to know why PG isn't cracking down on individual player who are using this.

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    I think the problem is, as with many games that have this exploit, how do you tell when someone is using this to their advantage or just actually have a bad network and getting disconnected.

    Its a sketchy tightrope to walk.

    Granted i second your motion for calling BS, but realistically, not sure anything will move forward on this issue.

    Good luck though


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      When it happens from the same team multiple times, It's BS. When support is notified they need to be banning players. I've had this happen with a previous team three times in a row on my base. He hit me three times and defenders were kicked each time. I doubt his Internet was so bad all three times he hit the highest base on the team. I find it incredible ironic this isn't happening on the lvl 60 attacks.


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        Originally posted by Had View Post
        I'm SICK of people hitting my base with this crap. We've had 6-8 people try to defend our top team bases. We CANNOT DEFEND. We get a network error and the opposing team gets free run with no defenders. I know this has been reported multiple times. I want to know why PG isn't cracking down on individual player who are using this.
        thanks for posting this little known glitch here instead of private using the ingame support system , now every idiot out there will be trying it and it will become widespread before a fix is issued, well done

        Level 212


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          well, we've been informed in the past by PG that if a bug/exploit/cheat isn't widely used, it's not a priority for them to fix it, because it doesn't affect as many players as some other things on their laundry list of stuff to fix

          I'm no code monkey, but it should be fairly easy to review a players account and find out if all of a sudden they get a major spike in disconnects during war hits compared to no disconnects when they farm rss or are going on xp runs. that should differentiate between the players using/abusing the exploit vs those that simply have poor connection.


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            They should just fix it.

            You would think anyway.


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              I am looking back over the posts in this thread and cannot believe they still have not fixed this issue. Certain teams are exploiting it for all it's worth, which skews the war rankings and makes it pointless to war against cheating teams if you are on a team that isn't full of cheaters.

              We are warrring HONEYBADGERS420 who spam attacked before the war began, and all the invites came up green, and we were unable to defend against any of them. They had 46 points in the very first minute of the war, and zero defense.

              I wrote a ticket and was told their engineers are looking into it... and then I find this thread, and it seems the problem has been ongoing for almost a year, and they are fully aware of it, and it still isn't fixed. (But lord knows, thousands of man hours must go into the beta development, while the main game languishes.)

              I was told there was nothing they could do -- but it seems to me that there IS something they can do to counterbalance their refusal/ineptitude in fixing it: they could penalize/ban players who are proven to exploit it, knowingly and repeatedly. Or invalidate wars in which screenshots showing, say, 46 points in the first minute of the war (a run takes nearly three minutes, so that's clearly an impossible score unless they started those attacks before the war began -- in which case they shouldn't count).

              This is a real problem, to which PG's respond has been feeble and wholly inadequate.


              • BigDaddyRey
                BigDaddyRey commented
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                I am the Leader of the Honeybadger420 Rimbaudtox. So, what you are posting here is that I Took both of your top players with Defenders and your base with only 61Mil Defense Boosted, it's going to stop 2 Drags over 160 Mil Power? I think you may want to check your internet connection before acusing anyone of cheating. I agree with PG investigating. But accusations I don't like them. Please Declare War after this one is over and defend Well. We will see.

              • Rimbaudtox
                Rimbaudtox commented
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                @BigDaddyRay: We we're unable to defend ANY of the attacks you launched before the war started -- every defense invite in the first minute came up green, and we had gen people trying to defend and not one of them could get into your battles. You're saying we all had poor internet connection? This is what all the teams that do this say 😂. You guys had 46 points ONE MINUTE into the war, and zero defenses. Such bullshit. Pathetic.

              • LordKaiS
                LordKaiS commented
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                sorry to say, what they use is not airplane mode, and all Sap 1 and Diamond teams use pre-war attack, it is common practice, though I don't like it, but nobody is breaking the rules. BigDaddyRey is one of the most honest player in WD and he's been on for a long time. If you don't like how it's done, lvl your base and make them better so they cant get five flames even in pre-war attack.

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              I'm not disputing base strength at all. They can beat all our guys, and we can beat all of theirs.

              The issue is this: They launched twelve pre-war, green-invite attacks, and we were unable to get in to defend against ANY of them -- they all said "Attacker lost connection". At least a quarter of our team was on defending, and we all tried to defend those attacks. Not a single one of us could get in -- and yet the attackers were somehow able to complete all the attacks despite having "lost connection".

              Badger suggests we "check our internet connection". Is he suggesting that our entire team just happened to experience simultaneous internet failure at the precise moment the war began?

              Furthermore, every single one of those pre-war attacks was solo -- except the two against our two biggest players. There hasn't been a single solo attack from them since then. I can't prove whether they used any kind of cheat or not, but I find it hard to believe PG can't get a fairly accurate idea from tracking the patterns of teams suspected of using known exploits.

              Most of all, though -- and this has nothing to do with this particular team or any other -- it beggars belief that PG's engineers cannot fix this issue, as support claims they have been trying to do for nearly a year or more. "Quentin" from support says it was supposed to have been patched in the latest update, but clearly it has not been.


              • LordKaiS
                LordKaiS commented
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                there are some serious server delays this week since the breeding event ended. Quite a few of my teammates and myself have been having problems. That could be the reason as why because server lag affects all.

                Secondly, before you accuse somebody use airplane mode, you should know what is the effect of airplane mode, lost connection is not one of them.

                As for solo, if they can solo your base, why do they need back up? just mean your bases are weak.....not to be mean or anything.....apparently I was being mean I heard LMAO

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              My team also lost a war to cheaters doing the exact same thing. I took screenshots and sent it to support in game, got a canned response with vague "we are aware of the issue and working to fix it" which does nothing to help with the issue to prevent losing to cheaters. Just one of many reasons I now refuse to spend money on this game. Meanwhile, my team lost on defense when 100% of the multiple defenders had the same thing happen.

              The issue I have is that they continue to be rewarded for cheating, just like the teams with bases full of lvl 50 towers and expert obsidian dragons who got there seemingly overnight. Granted, PG is finally addressing this but honestly it's too little too late.

              Don't take this the wrong way employees, but I hope PG is losing revenue from paying customers, then maybe they will start doing something about it.


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                Rimbaugh - FYI the new cheat fad is to attack one minute before war if you know you have a war and a Defend pops up, and you defend, it still wont count as a war defense. PG says this isnt a cheat, however it is a dishonrable practice IMO, and PG should make it so that any attack initiated before the actual war start time DOES NOT COUNT as a war attack.


                • vin28
                  vin28 commented
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                  They already tried and failed to fix this....

                • Goober
                  Goober commented
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                  This is in no way new. This has been a strategy for war forever. I don't think it should be changed that you can attack 1 min before war starts, but it should be changed so that the defenses count.
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                Maybe the US should notify ISIS a week before they attack, just to give ISIS a fair chance to defend. Ambush attacks are part of war and this is technically a war game, whether you think the dragons are pretty or not. Just change them to tanks and planes and does that change your perception?

                The issue is not whether teams can attack one minute before the war timer starts, but not having the defenses count. That should be an easier fix. If war is declared, then defenses should be activated. Fix that and everyone will be happy.

                As far as using 'airplane mode' or some other forms of contrived lag (as was used in playstation war games for too many years to count), that is just plain bullcrap and anyone caught needs to be banned permanently. One poster had a great suggestion in looking at when someones account has these 'lags', are they during wars only, or throughout their game play.