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Attention world of war dragon players

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  • Attention world of war dragon players

    I am writing as i have had enough of the issues glitches and getting ripped off by war dragons service team and tech team i say we tell them to sort there crap and we stop playing and stop paying for packs etc. They ignore our complaints they add more patches they add events and more dragons they never fix issues.

    Please everyone join in and show them our voices matter cut there money off and join my protest till they fix the problems.

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    Yep another intelligent one. Cut off their money supply so they have to lay off people and then the problems will be fixed.


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      Lol. Lordzion lay off the ones not fixing the issues already. In my job if we had an outage like this and it lasts over 24 hours, there would be heads rolling.


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        I mean don't get me wrong I'm glad our tc is back up so we can all sit in there and complain about how shitty this is. Since we can't do what we would normally do and attack and defend each other. 2 days and we still can't assist on attacks. That's complete bullshit.